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There was a man who hauled buckets of water for a living

Every day he hauled water from the nearest source to his village miles away. If he wanted to make more money he would simply work longer hauling buckets.

After many years, he grew weary of hauling buckets.

Then inspiration came. If he used his spare time to build a pipeline, eventually he could be free from hauling buckets. So he labored diligently for a few years to build his pipeline.

The day he turned on the spigot, everything changed.

He successfully created a continual supply of water and improved lifestyle for the villagers and himself, resulting in an abundant financial pipeline.

Many people spend their lives trading hours for dollars and lack fulfillment or a sense of purpose. With doTERRA, anyone can choose to create time, energy, and financial opportunities through building a lasting income pipeline.

Where are you?

Hauling Buckets

  • Trading Hours for Dollars
  • Others control advancement and earnings
  • Limited time freedom
  • Building other's dreams


Building a Pipeline

  • Recurring income from long-term customers
  • You control advancement and earnings
  • Freedom to choose your schedule
  • Building your dreams

Why Partner with doTERRA?

Founded in 2008 with the mission to bring the highest quality essential oils to the world.


Most Tested. Most Trusted.
Over 4.5 million customers

The doTERRA Difference
Record-breaking retention

Typical Direct Selling:
Lead with business opportunity
Product sales depend on opportunity
Sell an opportunity


doTERRA Authentic Direct Selling:
Lead with powerful products
Products sell regardless of opportunity
Share a wellness lifestyle


doTERRA's Growth
• Named largest essential oil company in the world by Verify Markets
• Part of $3.4 trillion wellness market
• Sales in 110 countries
• Unique and unrivaled quality products (84% of doTERRA oils are exclusive)
• Led by an executive team of innovators with 150+ years of combined industry experience


Change the World
• Creates economic opportunity and financial stability in developing nations
• Gives back to disadvantaged communities through the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation®
• Pays growers fairly and preserves agricultural knowledge through Co-Impact Sourcing®
• Learn more at

The doTERRA Pipeline Touches Many Lives
As you grow your doTERRA business, lives are lifted. Each purchase improves the lives of growers and their communities around the world.

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