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Step 8: Gather Referrals

The dōTERRA Sales Cycle

Sample Script


"I really appreciate working with you tonight and I know you’ll love your enrollment kit. I’ve found that many of the people who come to these presentations get about 10 minutes in and think of friends or family members who would have loved to learn what they just did. I like to set up classes for those people you feel missed out. Did anyone come to mind during the class: friends, family, workout partners, people from church?"


"By now, most of you may have had three or four people, or 20, come to mind who would have enjoyed what we covered tonight. If you would like to host your own class, get with me after and we will set something up. But hurry because times are first come, first served."

How Well Do You Gather Referrals?

Rate yourself from 1–10 on how confident you feel, 10 being very confident.

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