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Step 7: Answer Objections

The dōTERRA Sales Cycle

"Servant selling is giving without regard to what you will receive in return. Instead of worrying about a sale, you step into the shoes of the customer and seek to create value for them."—Neal Anderson

Provide friendly and honest answers to what is causing their hesitation. See their shared objections as key insights to make you more effective.

Skill Building

There are several common objections you may encounter when enrolling a customer. Be prepared to address the objections below and practice potential answers so you are confident in your responses.

Why doTERRA Oils? “I understand why that would be a concern for you; it's confusing to know which brand to buy with so many essential oil companies. Irena had the same concern last week; can I tell you what I shared with her? I explained that doTERRA is the most tested, most trusted brand in the industry. Ninety-six percent of our oils and blends are exclusive, grown by artisan farmers in ideal locations for maximum potency. She learned more at and was blown away by the doTERRA difference. You and your family deserve the most pure and effective essential oils. Would you like to experience the difference for yourself by ordering today?”
Money “I understand why that would be a concern for you. If I’m hearing you right, you feel like the price of buying a kit is more than you want to invest right now. Is that right? I think we can come up with a solution that works for you. Would you be open to looking at a couple options to figure this out? Susan said the same thing a few nights ago, but when she added up what she typically spends on personal care products, she realized she could actually save money by switching to doTERRA products. She loves having the Natural Solutions Kit in the house to support her family’s health. Are you willing to repurpose your dollars and replace everyday household items with more natural, high quality doTERRA products?”
Spouse “I totally get where you’re coming from. You’re worried that your husband will not support this purchase? I’ve known a lot of people who’ve had this same concern—can I share what’s worked for them? I’ve found when people experience an oil, they become more open. Would you like to take a sample of Deep Blue® home for him to try?”
Don't See a Need “I understand, I didn’t think I had a need for essential oils either at first. You mentioned in class you want more energy. A few weeks ago, I talked to Whitney who had the same issue. She tried the doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack®, which gave her more energy and less discomfort. We have a 30-day money-back guarantee on our doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack. Will you see if this will change your life in 30 days and if not, I will help you get your money back?”
Buying from MLM “I totally get that; a lot of people feel that way. The thing I love is that doTERRA is unique in network marketing. In fact, 82 percent of people who buy doTERRA products are just customers who don’t sell the products. That’s unheard of in direct sales. The reason we have so many customers is because we have the most tested, most trusted products that people can rely on. Are you open to joining the millions of people who are changing their lives with natural solutions?”

Recognize Objection Types

In developing the capacity to overcome objections, recognize there are two types: true concerns and empty excuses. Recognizing the difference helps you know when and how to engage.

True Concerns         Excuses
Are authentic, urgent, detailed > Are vague, trivial, non-specific
Can be resolved > Are a waste of your time
Indicate interest > Indicate indifference
Result from a desire to understand > Result from lack of motivation
Show up as obstacles to closing the sale (e.g. price, fears, etc.) > Show up a justifications for not buying                                   

You are a messenger of hope. As you focus on serving others and share hope bright enough to spark the fire of action, the worry of objections fades and genuine love and concern grow with your understanding.

How Well Do You Answer Objections?

Rate yourself from 1–10 on how confident you feel, 10 being very confident.

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