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The Professional Salesperson

As a professional salesperson, your job is to create value for people and help them make the decision to move forward or not. Done right, selling will feel natural, fulfilling, and fun. When you have a professional attitude, you create a comfortable experience for your customers and yourself. Your goal is to create a positive experience during each interaction. Much of this depends on the level of knowledge and professionalism you display. 

Use the chart below to identify which traits of the professional salesperson you would like to improve in yourself.

"Good sales is all about educating the customer so they are empowered to make the best decision based on their individual needs."—Betty Torres

Does not care what is being sold > Knows and believes in the product
Creates pressure > Creates a sharing environment
Is frustrated by rejections > Builds relationships with people who say "no"
Leaves people feeling conflicted > Leaves everyone in a good mood
Pessimistic > Positive
Has no "Why" > Has a vision for their life and business
Finds excuses > Finds a way

Break Down Misconceptions

The first step to embracing sales is breaking down misconceptions about what it means to be a “salesperson.” There can be negative stereotypes about sales that are holding you back from successfully selling. Use this section of the Sales Guide to examine your perceptions of sales and embrace selling the doTERRA way.

Think of the last time you had a negative experience with a salesperson. What did they do that you didn't like?                         


How did you feel? Describe what made it a negative experience for you.


Now that we’ve explored the negative, let’s look at a positive experience. You have likely had wonderful experiences with salespeople who helped you find exactly what you needed. It is important to remember those interactions to understand the impact a professional salesperson can have.

Think of the last time you had a positive experience with a salesperson. What did they do that you liked?                                   


How did you feel? Describe what made it a positive experience for you.


Like a farmer planting seeds, the relationships you build take time and care. Treat every interaction as an important part of nurturing that relationship. The seeds that you sow today will grow strong, and you will harvest wonderful fruit—whether it is watching somebody change their life for the better, seeing your business grow, or having a lifelong friend.

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