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Lead with Listening

Consider asking questions to guide their self-evaluation:

"Looking at your ratings—which areas
need the most support?

What is your motivation behind wanting to
get into more natural solutions?

Can we create a 90-day wellness plan together?

What would your life be like if you
raised your lowest ratings?"

Provide Solutions

Selling doTERRA products offers hope by providing natural solutions to people’s health challenges. There are people searching for exactly what you have to offer, and your job is to connect those people to solutions and help them see how their lives can improve.


“When you focus on your customer’s needs, your ability to open them up to doTERRA increases. Become masterful at asking great questions. The more you understand them, the easier it is to find the solution that suits their needs.”—Melody Watts


Evaluate your past interactions with salespeople, then answer the following questions.

How do you feel when a salesperson does all the talking?


How do you avoid talking too much so you can find out your customers' needs?                                                                                       

Use Powerful Language

"I sell essential oils." "I help women become the best versions of themselves by using natural solutions to improve energy, sleep, and wellness." Many people sell essential oils. You are providing a complete wellness lifestyle.
"You don't have to buy anything." "At the end of the class, I'll show you how to get these oils into your home and help you pick out the best solution for your family." Introduce the opportunity to buy and leave it at that.
"You would really be helping me out if you give me the names of your friends." "Who do you know that I should be talking to?" See if they know anyone who would be as excited to learn about doTERRA as they are.
"I know how you feel; others felt the same way." "I totally get it. Maria said pretty much the same thing. After understanding everything she can do with a Natural Solutions Kit to help her family, she was excited to get started." Address objections by isolating the objection and referencing a third person's specific experience.
"Let's book an appointment." "Let's set up a time to visit for a few minutes..." The phase "book an appointment" can make people feel like they are going to the dentist. You want to schedule a time to visit, as you would with friends and family.

1 Robert Clay, “Why You Must Follow Up Leads,” accessed January 23, 2019,

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