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Know Why You Are Selling

Clearly articulating your purpose for sharing doTERRA is critical in helping you stay focused on the outcome you truly desire. Sharing is less stressful when you do not have to think about what to say in the moment. Use the exercise below to help clarify why you are selling doTERRA products and wellness solutions.

What are three ways doTERRA has impacted your life?


What is the difference you can make in other people's lives by sharing doTERRA products with them?



Why do you want to offer that change to others?


If somebody asked you why you are sharing doTERRA products, how would you respond?


"Selling is sharing something you're passionate about that you know others will love."—Hayley Hobson


Know How to Sell

Following a sales process, or a series of repeatable steps, is critical to succeeding in sales. The doTERRA Sales Cycle guides you through each step you need to take with new and existing prospects, from introducing essential oils to enrolling them in the doTERRA wellness lifestyle.

Remember that when relationships are your number one focus, the sale will naturally follow. Keep a service mindset at every stage. You have the opportunity to empower people with doTERRA natural solutions, so listen and seek to understand their needs.

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