Successful placement of your enrollees is critical to your growth, rank advancement, and qualification for commission bonuses. Set clear expectations to safeguard relationships and ensure best placement. Some choose their path right away; others take time to choose to go beyond being a customer. Use their first 14 days to learn all you can and then make the best placement decisions.

Placement Tips:

All New Enrollees:

  • Place each where they will best thrive and be supported. Choose long-term vision and success over short-term needs.
  • Sponsorship can be changed one time within their first 14 days.
  • Consult with your upline mentor or doTERRA’s business line at 801-370-2140 for placement strategy support.

Upgrading or Moving Wholesale Customers

A Wholesale Customer

  • Can be moved within 14 days of enrollment if their placement is better suited elsewhere.
  • Can decide to upgrade themselves to a Wellness Advocate (WA) in their back office.
  • If they decide to upgrade to a WA after their first 14 days, their sponsorship placement remains the same.
  • If you want to change their placement (after their first 14 days), their WA upgrade must occur 90 days after enrollment. You then have 14 days to decide where to place them.
  • Place customers on a team where they may have similar interests with others they already know.

Team Placements & Structure

The pace of building team structure varies. Depending on when your builders or business partners are enrolled and engage determines the rate at which you launch each new leg. For example, some start with one builder and grow from there while others may start with three (e.g. perhaps they began with a larger network or previously established relationships).


Understanding Roles


  • The person who brought the enrollee to doTERRA. (Whose contact is it? Who invited them?)
  • Receives Fast Start bonuses on their new enrollee’s purchases for their first 60 days after their enrollment.
  • Works with sponsor (if different) to determine who does Lifestyle Overview, follow-up, and other support.
  • Enrollee counts for enroller’s rank advancement (one per physical leg).
  • The enroller can change a new enrollee's sponsor once during their first 14 days of enrollment via the back office.

Always keep enrollership of your enrollees until it makes sense to transfer to their sponsor or another builder for rank advancement.


  • Person under whom the enrollee is directly placed (also referred to as their direct upline).
  • Benefits from Power of 3 and unilevel bonuses.
  • Assists with the Lifestyle Overview and other follow-up needs (depending on arrangements made).

How to change a sponsor in the first 14 days: Back Office > Team > Sponsor Changes.

For placement questions, refer to the Team Tab > Placements in your back office. Requested moves and changes can be sent to You can also visit the Placements pages here.

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