Seek to serve the needs of your enrollees and earn the right to keep them as customers going forward. New members enroll first with a kit and second in the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP). This second enrollment is what builds your financial pipeline.


1. Introduce doTERRA Lifestyle & Wellness Pyramid

  • How them rate themselves (pg. 3)
  • Expose them to the doTERRA lifestyle (pg. 4–12)
  • Invite them to create their wish list (pg. 13–15)

2. Wellness Consult

  • Complete the Wellness Consult (pg. 16)
  • Brainstorm their 90–day plan and next three loyalty orders
  • Teach them about LRP and help them set up their first order online

3. Connect to Education & Community

  • Recommend your favorite reference guide and app
  • Introduce tools to learn how products support their 90-day goals
    - Empowered Life Series (In-depth)
    - doTERRA Daily Drop® App (On-the-go)
    - Living Magazine
  • Connect 2–3 times in their first month; continue to check-in periodically

4. New Member Follow-Up

  • Invite to share or build doTERRA

You have a 14-day window to discover the best placement of every new member you enroll. Your early engagement with your enrollees is critical to their long-term success. Use the process below to guide your follow-up activities. To truly change lives, think of these first 14 days of their membership as your investment to ensure success for both of you—and all it takes is a little bit of your time. By modeling this support, your builders are much more inclined to do the same.

Purpose of Lifestyle Overview

Help EVERY new member:

  • Use the products they have
  • Set up a Daily Wellness plan
  • Maximize their membership through LRP
  • Invite to change lives


Lifestyle Overview Checklist

Schedule a Lifestyle Overview shortly after their kit is expected to arrive

Recommend watching the Live guide video at

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