Where Do I Find Them?

Identifying your business partners is vital to building a thriving business. Start looking for builders among your existing customers and prospects. Many start out as product users or sharing with just a few. Encourage product experiences, do appropriate follow-up, and create vision for what's possible. With time, builders emerge. 

If you don't find builders right away, keep enrolling. Statistically, 1–2 of every 10 are interested in building a doTERRA business sooner or later. Set a goal to find three builders during your first 30–90 days. When your team members enroll others and choose to build, more lives change and your team grows faster!

"In order to influence someone, you need to know what already influences them."—Tony Robbins


What to Present

People choose the doTERRA opportunity for different reasons. Some come for the added income, others for the mission. During the Business Overview, focus on what matters to them. Let the pages of the Build guide invite the right conversations. Knowing their desires helps you connect their goals to doTERRA solutions.

  • Step 1: Present in one-on-one or group settings
  • Step 2: Invite your qualified prospects to become business partners
  • Step 3: Get new builders started with the 3 Steps (Build pg. 10)

What to do Next

Provide a Launch Overview for each of your new builders, sharing the proven path for long-term success. Invite them to begin sharing and inviting right away, even prior to their launch month.

Weekly Success Check-ins ensure:

  • Steps of success are measured
  • They feel connected and supported
  • You consistently know how to best support

As you continue to enroll, consider placing some enrollments under committed builders who actively enroll and support their team. Ultimately, supporting them in reaching their goals helps you reach yours.


Who Do You Know Who Is...

  • Relationship-oriented or influential
  • Open to or lives a natural, healthy, active lifestyle
  • Goal-oriented, self-motivated, ambitious
  • Positive, passionate, inspiring
  • Entrepreneurial, experienced in sales
  • In a phase of life that supports building a business
  • Looking for improved finances or better future
Go to your Success Tracker. Rate your prospects by placing tally marks for each quality listed above. Jot down names with most tally marks above. 

Committed & Capable Builders

Committed = Completes 3 steps in the Build guide. 

Capable = Enrolls someone on their own in first 14 days of committing to build.

"We use oils, we share oils, and we teach others to do the same." -Justin Harrison, Master Distributor

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