Managing difficult emotions is a top health priority for many people. The Essential Emotions class helps you educate others about the natural, safe, and effective solutions doTERRA offers to help manage mood.

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What You'll Learn

  • There is hope for improving emotions
  • Connection between heart, brain, and gut and their effect on mood
  • Ways to affect mood positively using natural solutions

Essential Emotions Class Handout


Essential Emotions Class Postcard Invitations

Use the postcard invitations as a simple tool for inviting others to attend the class.


Next Step

During the class, invite attendees to choose their next step.

Schedule a Lifestyle Overview
Invite class attendees to create a 90-day Wellness Plan and discover the best products to address their health priorities.

Schedule a Hosting Overview
Invite class attendees to host a class for their family and friends so they can earn FREE product.

Schedule a Business Overview
Invite class attendees to learn about the doTERRA business opportunity so they can create a financial pipeline and experience true freedom.


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