Diamond Club: Sponsor Guidelines and Information

Benefits of Sponsoring 

Wellness Advocates who sponsor leaders in Diamond Club partner with doTERRA. This partnership helps develop leaders on the Sponsor’s team and encourages enrollments and rank advancement to organically boost organizational volume and leadership. Sponsors see increased Fast Start when team members participate, as well as long-term growth in unilevel commissions. One of the best investments leaders can make is back into their builders.

Qualifications to Sponsor

Wellness Advocates who are willing to help financially support and train/mentor participants to be successful in the program and in building their team toward their next rank advancement. Sponsor must go on the Diamond Club site and accept the Sponsor requests for a participant’s application before the participant can be admitted to the program.


The top 20 Sponsors will win a convention suite. 


Sponsors and Mentors are awarded points for each participant who graduates: 

  • Mentor Sponsor: 10 points
  • Second, third, or fourth Sponsors: 5 points

Financial Contribution 

Sponsors contribute equally to pay the $300 bonus for every participant each month he or she meets the qualifications. For example, if a participant only has one Sponsor, that person would pay the full $300. If there were three sponsors, they would each pay $100. Money is automatically pulled from primary commission check and redistributed to the participant to make the process simple and easy for all involved.

What Is a Sponsor?

A Sponsor is someone who partners with doTERRA to help participants be successful in Diamond Club, as well as someone who contributes financially to the monthly incentives. Each participant can have up to four Sponsors, but at least one is needed in order to participate. The first Sponsor is called a Mentor Sponsor, because—in addition to financial contribution—this Sponsor also recognizes his or her role in helping a participant throughout the program. Mentor Sponsors play an important role in the leadership duplication cycle. Mentor Sponsors take primary responsibility for teaching leadership skills, helping develop action plans, and guiding the participant to be successful. This support could include scheduled accountability calls, support with class preparations, class follow-up, attending/teaching classes when possible, help with scheduling and time blocking, and any other necessary support to ensure the participant’s success in the program.

There are four sponsoring positions, though only one is required. The additional Sponsors exist to help contribute financially, which lessens the cost for each of them.

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