Diamond Club: Monthly Requirements

Monthly Requirements

Participants need to meet the following requirements each month to continue participating and qualify for the monthly prizes/payouts.

  1. 14 team enrollments

    • 14 of 14 new members must be in participants organization and in USA/CAN,
    • 75% of monthly enrollments must be in person
    • 2 of 14 will need to be personal enrollments
    • The 14 enrollments need to process at a single 100 PV.
  2. 4 classes per month (one can be online)

    • Diamond Club participants will need two enrollments (single 100 PV) from class to count towards class requirement.
    • 75% of monthly classes need to be in person.
    • Diamond Club participants are strongly encouraged to give everyone a product experience before they come to the class.
    • A sample(s) should be shipped to attendees for the one online class. Essential oils are experiential and best be in hand for the online attendee to have the learning experience.
    • One-on-ones can count toward your monthly requirement (does not count toward monthly class requirement).

Qualified Classes/Events

Classes should be effective and duplicable. These guidelines for classes will help participants increase their sales and close easily at event.

  • 3–5 people per class

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