Diamond Club: Monthly Requirements

Monthly Requirements

Participants need to meet the following requirements each month to continue participating and qualify for the monthly prizes/payouts.

Exciting Update! The 25% in-person requirement has been removed for the 2021 program.

  1. 14 team enrollments

    • All new members must be in the participant’s team and in the US or Canada.
    • Two of 14 will need to be personal enrollments. 
    • All 14 enrollments need to process a single 100 PV enrollment order.
    • Enrollments will need to be processed within three business days (Monday – Friday, excludes holidays) from the class.
  2. Four classes per month

    • One-on-ones can count towards the class requirement
      • All Diamond Club classes must be entered to your Diamond Club account.
      • Attendee lists will need to be submitted within 24-hours of the class being completed.
    • Class Tips:
      • Diamond Club participants are strongly encouraged to provide everyone with a product experience before coming to the class. 
      • A sample (or samples) can be shipped to attendees for the one online class. Essential oils are experiential and work best for the online attendee to have the proper learning experience. 

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