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You may feel overwhelmed thinking that in order to share essential oils using science, you need to be a scientist or be well-versed in scientific literature. That’s not the case at all. doTERRA Science has done much of the work for you by providing resources that scientifically validate the safety and usage of essential oils. Listed below are some key scientific resources that can help you use and share essential oils more confidently.



Find the citations for the scientific studies referenced in all our science and wellness articles.


This eBook contains specific chemistry information about all doTERRA essential oils. Most of the information presented in this resource is not available anywhere else, making this eBook one of the most exclusive doTERRA Science resources.

doTERRA Essential Oil Chemistry Handbook


The doTERRA Oil Chemistry Wheel organizes scientific information about each essential oil. It includes specifics such as the dominant constituent in an essential oil, the type of functional group found in its chemistry, and its main benefits. The Chemistry Wheel is a visual reference that you can use to compare the properties of different oils. The wheel can also be used as a visual aid in presentations to facilitate a scientific discussion about essential oils.

doTERRA Oil Chemistry Wheel

These lessons provide background information for every essential oil enthusiast. You’ll begin by learning about what essential oils are, how they have been used throughout history, and their uses in different parts of the world. As you progress through each lesson about essential oils, you’ll gain an understanding of botanical origins, the extraction and production process, and important safety information.

doTERRA Science Education Module

With this eBook, no one in your family needs to feel left out of the essential oil science loop. With simple explanations and interactive activities, the doTERRA Science for Kids Workbook – Essential Oil Edition makes learning about essential oil science fun and easy for every member of your family.

doTERRA Science for Kids Workbook – Essential Oil Edition

Our writers strive to make all of our content as simple as possible; however, there may be some unfamiliar terms and definitions specific to the world of essential oil science. Refer to this glossary if you want to learn more about a specific term you come across while reading.


This series of lessons was developed for anyone who is interested in science, but feels intimidated by scientific literature. These lessons include articles that provide shortcuts and tips for gathering science information, understanding literature, and incorporating science into your essential oil practice.

Shortcuts for understanding Science

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