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Buying Oils from Trusted Sources

Over the last ten years, doTERRA has completely changed how essential oils are viewed. While they once were considered atypical, now to many they are a safe and natural way to maintain and manage daily health. To create this change, doTERRA has focused on building on firm science, working with scientists and researchers to further a more modern approach to aromatherapy.
Committed to Quality

In purchasing from a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and getting your oils directly from the source, you ensure that you are receiving the very best quality and care. People have come to trust the doTERRA brand because of the commitment we have to quality. But you don’t just have to believe doTERRA at face value. We aim to be transparent about where our oils come from, and how they are tested.

Did you know that there are eight different tests, some only used at doTERRA, which each and every oil has to go through? Because there is no quality assurance body in the world of essential oils, every company is responsible to make sure their essential oils are pure. But, doTERRA wanted to ensure that our Certified Pure Tested Grade™ standard could be trusted in spite of this difficulty.

So, doTERRA works with selected academic, industry, and scientific institutions to stay on the edge of essential oil research. Countless hours went into determining the exact tests needed to ensure the purest oils. There is a sort of industry standard in doing Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectroscopy tests, and this testing is part of the process, doTERRA sees these tests only as early indicators of quality, and so pushed the boundaries even further.
Before doTERRA will even consider selling an oil or using it in our proprietary blends, it must pass these scrupulous tests in independent (or third-party) laboratories. If a batch of any oil doesn’t meet even one of the eight tests, it is rejected. In this way, doTERRA CPTG® quality remains our concrete promise to you, and is not merely a slogan.

The Dangers of Buying from Different Sources

Unfortunately, the world of online shopping has made getting verified product difficult unless you know it comes directly from someone you trust. Many online sellers claim to be selling oils from doTERRA, but the following problems persist:
  1. It's relatively easy for unverified sellers to take off the cap and ring of a bottle and either dilute or replace the oil entirely. They then put on a new cap and seal and sell it for profit.
  2. There is no way to tell where exactly the oil is coming from. doTERRA works with committed growing partners all over the world in order to get the best plants. We rely on the expertise of local farmers and harvesters, and help support the sustainable harvesting and growth of every plant. But, when an oil is tampered with, you no longer know what is in your bottle.
  3. You can’t determine what conditions the bottle sat in before it was shipped. In the cool doTERRA warehouse, each oil is carefully packaged and kept from extreme conditions.
No guarantee exists for oils purchased through other sources online. Using an oil that comes from uncertain origins could be potentially dangerous for you or your family’s health. Buying only from someone you know or online directly from doTERRA itself is the only way to make sure you’re getting the quality you are used to and need.

Noticeably Different

You wouldn’t buy a Kia and expect it to run like a Ferrari. And the difference between some essential oils can be that stark. However, you can rest assured that doTERRA will only use the best and highest quality essential oils. With all the research that goes into finding the right location, the healthiest plants with the best chemical profile, and the most expert farmers, each oil has been cared for since day one.

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