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International Women's Day


On June 16, doTERRA commemorated a new partnership with the GK Folks Foundation which provides education, entrepreneurship, and mental health resources to people of color and especially the Black community in Utah. In this interview, doTERRA’s Christa Orozco and GK Folk’s Gifty Abankwa were able to talk about the foundation's mission and Gifty's powerful story of being a leader, an entrepreneur, and her work to uplift the Black community.

“doTERRA is also so passionate about empowering people and being self-sufficient that when GK Folks reached out to us, we just felt their mission really aligned with ours,” Orozco said. “GK Folks is led by such inspirational and influential women. Women of color that are making a difference in our community, and we just felt like it couldn’t be more of a perfect time to work with GK Folks."

Wellness Advocate Erin Baskin Inspires Us to Live in the Moment

As part of our year-long celebration of International Women’s Day, we invited Erin Baskin to discuss her inspiring story, being a veteran, mom, and entrepreneur. With the goal of pursuing her interests in fitness and health, she’s now working as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate.

“A Wellness Advocate is somebody who’s interested in natural wellness,” Baskin explains. “doTERRA encourages their customers to explore, expand, and network with others so we can help the world.”

Meet the Women in STEM at doTERRA

An important aspect of the many science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) teams at doTERRA is over 100 of the team members are women.

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Meet Cecilia Bascoul, Director of Product Safety doTERRA

Cecile Bascoul is one of many women who contribute to the foundational work of doTERRA, ensuring our products are safe, pure, and high quality.

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Hundreds of Women benefit from Free Maternal Care Program in Somaliland

In a region that suffers from high maternal and child mortality rates, the Sanaag Specialty Hospital (SSH) seeks to provide accessible healthcare to these mothers who so desperately need it, and to dramatically impact the quality of healthcare for all of Somaliland.

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Survivors of Modern Slavery Return Home with Hope

Over 4,000 miles away from their Sierra Leone homes, women seeking work, money, or higher education are laboring in grueling and unsafe conditions—with no one and no where to turn but the streets of Oman.

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Learn LIVE from one of the Youngest Self-Made Female Billionaires

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to achieve your dreams, Sara’s insight into developing big ideas, having an entrepreneurial mindset, and making things happen is an invaluable tool.

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How a Professional Snowboarder Incorporates doTERRA into her Daily Routine

In a recent interview with Allure Magazine, Professional Snowboarder and doTERRA Performance Advocate, Jamie Anderson talks about her daily routine; starting when she wakes up to when she goes to sleep.

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Miss Utah STEM Scholarship

For the past three years, doTERRA has partnered with the Miss Utah Scholarship Organization to empower women seeking to further their education in STEM fields.

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The Fuller Center and doTERRA Partner to Help Widow

The Fuller Center’s mission is to provide shelter worldwide for those who need it. They also have a sub-program, the Greater Blessing Program, which focuses specifically on home improvement projects for those that can’t physically or financially do it themselves.

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Empowering Women: Women’s Success Center Scholarships

The Women’s Success Center of Utah Valley University was created in 2011 to address low enrollment and graduation of women at the university. The center works with students to remove barriers to graduation and navigate the landscape of higher education by providing support, leadership, coaching, and advocacy.

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Empowering Women: Dilmaya’s Story

Dilmaya Bal of Nepal recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Pratishya. In Nepal, proper medical care can be hard to come by, but fortunately, Dilmaya was able to give birth in the newly finished Palung Primary Health Care Center.

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Empowering Women: Sommaya’s Story

Sommaya Thing lives with her family in Nepal. When her husband became ill, it was up to Sommaya to care for her husband and five children. Despite her best efforts at farming, she had to take her children out of school due to lack of resources.

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Empowering Women: Water Station in Fonfrede, Haiti

Earlier this year, a new well and water station—funded by the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation—was completed in Fonfrede, Haiti. Constructed from concrete, this water station is built to withstand the hurricanes that are common in the region.

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Empowering Women: Days for Girls Training at Lunga Lunga

With schools shuttered due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many girls in southern Kenya were isolated from the health management support and resources that they so desperately needed. Recognizing this need, Days for Girls—a non-profit organization that increases access to menstrual care and education—hosted a series of trainings at doTERRA’s Lunga Lunga facility.

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Empowering Women: Bindumaya’s Story

After the death of her husband, Bindumaya of Nepal was left to support six family members. She decided to get involved with polyhouse farming, which is a homemade green house with walls made from thick plastic sheets. However, she didn’t have the knowledge she needed to succeed.

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Empowering Women Worldwide

When you think of doTERRA, you may think of the world’s largest essential oils company, but we are also much more than that. doTERRA is in the business of empowerment—especially women’s empowerment.

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doTERRA Helps Sloane Stephens Recharge Her Batteries Off the Tennis Court

In a recent interview with Shape, professional tennis player and doTERRA Performance Advocate, Sloane Stephens, discussed ways she recharges her batteries when she’s off the court.

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Lunga Lunga Days for Girls Project

The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation and Co-Impact Sourcing teams recently combined efforts to provide training to the people in the Lunga Lunga Community. The project educated and provided the people in the community with protective masks and Days for Girls Kits. In total, some 700 women in this sourcing area were provided these masks and kits.

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​​​​Every day at doTERRA is a celebration of women. Starting on International Women’s Day this year, join us as we highlight and appreciate the women of doTERRA, who are at the heart of everything we do, and their incredible stories.

Check back each month to hear new stories of women who are inspiring us to evolve together.


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