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Product Education: Creating Love & Connection

Creating Love & Connection

Humans are wired for connection. We all want to find connection in our lives. For many people, this can be difficult, often because we have a hard time connecting with ourselves or we feel too tired to try.


  • Take time to connect with your emotions through mindfulness and meditation while diffusing essential oils
  • Rub a drop of doTERRA Forgive® onto your chest in the morning
  • Experiment with the doTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy® oils to see which make you feel connected to yourself

Essential oils for emotional healing

Fear, insecurities, and anxious feelings can get in the way of making meaningful connections with other people. The internal dialogue we carry on with ourselves can be harsh. We tell ourselves that we are not good enough, that we are not smart or capable, and that we always mess up. When we speak so unkindly to ourselves, it is no wonder that we avoid connecting with other people. If we can change that internal dialogue and make it positive, we open the door for greater love and connection from our friends and family.

Use doTERRA Forgive® and doTERRA Balance® when you start the negative internal chatter to remind yourself to be forgiving of your mistakes and shortcomings, calm your mind, and change the conversation you have with yourself.

Sometimes we might feel like we don’t have the energy for love and connection. When you feel this, use warm, spicy oils like Cinnamon or Cassia, or doTERRA Passion® to take advantage of their uplifting aroma and remind yourself to connect with the people you love.

Don’t wait for tomorrow to open yourself up to meaningful connection. Love is essential to the human experience and it is worth it. Use whatever tools you have.


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