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Why choose a Wellness Program?

The Wellness Programs are a simple, almost effortless way for you to target a specific health goal and get the exact products you need for what you want to achieve. We remove the hassle of figuring out which essential oils and products to use. There’s no need to repeat the same pattern of scrambling to put together the perfect oil regimen yourself when you can just sign up for a Wellness Program!

Immunity—Protect, strengthen, and respond. Learn More
Relief—Soothe, support, and comfort. Learn More
Mind & Mood—Balance, center, and adapt. Learn More

Small Footprint, Big Impact

We're doing what’s right for you and what’s right for the planet. Every kit comes in a reusable or recyclable bag.


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PURSUE 2020 Kit

The Mind & Mood kit is available now with your PURSUE kit, but make sure to add on the Immunity kit and Relief kit as well! 

Common Questions

Do I need to edit my monthly loyalty order to receive the next kit in the Wellness Program?
No. Once your monthly loyalty order runs, the program will automatically transition to the next kit in the sequence.

Can I participate in more than one Wellness Program at the same time?
Yes. You can add more than one of the same program or add a combination of any of the available program offerings to a loyalty order. Programs don’t interfere with one another in their sequence.

Can I customize which products I receive in my Wellness Program?
Each program has three kits with predetermined products that are specifically designed and included to support that program’s functional health area. These aren’t customizable. However, in addition to the kits, each program will have a unique collection of customize-and-save items that can be added to address individual needs at discounted prices.

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