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Essential Oil Solutions with doTERRA™—Podcast

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What Is the Podcast

Essential Oil Solutions with doTERRA is an award-winning podcast that teaches you how to incorporate essential oils into your daily life. Join us each week as we talk with experts who share their best insights, advice, and tips on using essential oils.

Why You Should Listen

When you listen to the Essential Oil Solutions with doTERRA podcast, you’re empowered with the knowledge you need to effectively use essential oils in your home. Whether you’re an essential oil beginner or you’ve been using them for years, this podcast will teach you something new about how to make your life—and the lives of your loved ones—better with essential oils.

How You Can Listen

You can listen to Essential Oil Solutions with doTERRA on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Play, or anywhere else you get your podcasts. New episodes are posted weekly! You can also customize your learning experience by downloading the accompanying worksheets below.

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