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Discover Solutions: On Guard Natural Whitening Toothpaste

On Guard® Natural Whitening Toothpaste

Flouride-free and combined with the protective benefits of doTERRA On Guard®, this toothpaste is full of safe, natural ingredients that help keep your mouth clean and healthy while also polishing and whitening teeth.

Usage Tips:

  • Apply a small amount of toothpaste to a moistened toothbrush. Brush gently and thoroughly for 2 minutes, spit, and rinse.
  • For optimal results, follow with doTERRA On Guard Mouthwash.
  • Brush morning and night and preferably after each meal, or use as directed by a dentist or physician.

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doTERRA On Guard Natural Whitening Toothpaste was recently reformulated to be better than ever. Flouride-free and infused with CPTG essential oils, doTERRA On Guard Natural Whitening Toothpaste is made with natural, effective ingredients.

What’s In doTERRA On Guard Natural Whitening Toothpaste?

Hydroxyapatite is a naturally occurring substance and an important ingredient in doTERRA On Guard Natural Whitening Toothpaste. Experimental research indicates that hydroxyapatite helps remineralize and restore tooth enamel, which is important to keeping your teeth healthy and free from cavities and enamel erosion. Hydroxyapatite helps your teeth feel stronger and less sensitive to hot and cold.

Another important ingredient is hydrated silica. This is a gentle, natural abrasive that helps polish and whiten teeth while removing stains.

Infusing the toothpaste with the doTERRA On Guard blend of Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary provides an extra cleansing boost.

The natural sweetener xylitol is blended with Peppermint and Wintergreen essential oils to keep teeth, gums, and breath fresh. The addition of Peppermint and Wintergreen essential oils is part of the recent reformulation and provides a refreshing and unique minty twist to the subtle cinnamon flavor of doTERRA On Guard Toothpaste.

The updated formula also includes Myrrh essential oil, which is known to be beneficial in oral hygiene.


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