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Discover Solutions: Litsea Oil


Litsea cubeba

Litsea, also known as May Chang, is a refreshing, rejuvenating essential oil with a lemony aroma. Litsea has long been used by the indigenous people of Taiwan and offers a variety of health benefits.

Usage Tips:

Take internally to support the health of your immune, cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, and musculoskeletal systems.*
  • Diffuse to create an atmosphere with fresh, bright energy.
  • Use to flavor meat dishes and other entrées.
  • Combine with a carrier oil and massage your muscles after a hard workout or tiring day.
  • Add a drop to your facial cleanser or moisturizer for a sweet, uplifting scent and to reduce the appearance of blemishes.

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What Is Litsea Essential Oil?

Litsea is an evergreen tree or shrub commonly found throughout Japan, Taiwan, Southern China, and Southeastern Asia. Litsea is also called “mountain pepper.” It is considered a spicy condiment and is frequently used in the native cuisine of Taiwan. The essential oil comes from steam distilling the fresh ripe fruits of the Litsea tree. Litsea essential oil is also often called May Chang oil.

What Is Litsea Essential Oil Used For?

Litsea essential oil offers many powerful health benefits when taken internally. Its main chemical constituent is citral, which is actually comprised of geranial and neral together. Citral may support healthy cellular function, immune health, and nervous system function.* It also helps calm and soothe muscles.*

The other primary chemical constituent of Litsea is Limonene, which is well known for its beneficial properties. Limonene can support healthy respiratory, gastrointestinal, immune, cellular, and nervous system function.* Experimental research suggest that Litsea has cleansing properties and may provide antioxidant support.*

How Do You Use Litsea Essential Oil?

doTERRA Litsea essential oil can be used topically, aromatically, and internally. To take advantage of its myriad of health benefits, you can take a few drops of Litsea oil in a veggie capsule. You can also use it in your cooking. It can add a new delicious twist in flavor to an old favorite recipe.

Aromatically and topically, Litsea blends well with deep, rich aromas from oils like Sandalwood, Frankincense, and Vetiver. It also works well with florals like Ylang Ylang, Rose, Lavender, and Geranium. You can create a new personal fragrance or diffuser blend. Use Litsea as part of a calming, relaxing massage to soothe the muscles and provide a rejuvenating, uplifting, refreshing atmosphere for your mood.

Litsea’s natural cleansing properties make it a great addition to a natural surface cleanser or even to your skin care routine. It can be added to a facial cleanser to help promote a clear, healthy-looking complexion.

What Does Litsea Smell Like?

Although Litsea is not a citrus, it has a distinctly citrusy aroma. Sweet, fruity, and fresh, Litsea’s scent is often compared to that of lemons.
Litsea Infographic
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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