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Protective Blend

When environmental threats are high, pull out Stronger blend. It will offer the support you need through changing seasons as well as everyday life. As part of the Kids Oil collection, Stronger was specially designed for use on your little ones. It is prediluted in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil for safe use and convenient application.

Usage Tips:

  • Rub Stronger blend on the bottoms of the feet before bed.
  • Roll over the wrists or pulse points for support during the day. 
  • Apply to the chest or hands and inhale deeply for aromatic benefits

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What Is in Stronger Protective Blend? 

Stronger Protective Blend includes several essential oils specifically chosen for their supportive properties and strengthening potential. 

Litsea is one of the main ingredients of Stronger blend. The litsea tree is shrub-like and evergreen and produces a small fruit, which is where the essential oil comes from. Litsea’s aroma is sweet and lemony, similar to the smell of Lemongrass. It helps keep skin looking clean and healthy and offers other supportive properties. 

Woody, warm, and grounding, Cedarwood essential oil can quickly transform any environment into one of relaxation and strength. It is often used in massage therapy to soothe the mind and body. 

Frankincense, also known as the King of Oils, is a true powerhouse among essential oils. When you need support, turn to Frankincense. The rich aroma of Frankincense complements the other oils in Stronger blend particularly well for a deep, beautiful scent. 

Rose, the Queen of Oils, is one of the most precious and prized essential oils. Its delicate fragrance is uplifting and comforting, while the oil helps bring balance and harmony to the skin when applied topically. 

Stronger is prediluted in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil to help absorption and to minimize any skin sensitivity.

How to Use Stronger Blend

During a change of seasons or when environmental threats are high, use Stronger. During times of stress or when you aren’t feeling your best, try Stronger. 

Stronger blend can be rubbed on the bottoms of feet, onto hands or knees, or other areas after a particularly long day. It can also be used to help soothe and comfort distressed skin. Simply apply to the desired area. The roller bottle applicator makes using Stronger simple and easy. Keep it in a bag or backpack when you or your kids are out and about so it’s always on hand.

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