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Skill Building:

  • Remember that closing is something you do for someone, and not to someone. You are offering them precious gifts of the Earth that can change their life.
  • Avoid asking “Do you have any questions?” during your close. This kills momentum. Ask the closing questions outlined below instead.
  • Build their confidence that you can guide them to the best kit for their needs.
  • Bring everything back to their top priority. Show them the solution to their challenge and put it into their hands.

Sample Script #1

"If I heard you correctly, it sounds like stress management is a top priority. Let's get the correct oils into your hands to take care of that for you. I recommend starting with the Emotional Aromatherapy Diffused Kit."

Sample Script #2

"Let me ask you a question. Now that you have experienced some of the products and learned more about how they can help, as well as their safety, can you begin to see why so many people have been using them? Ok, that’s great. Now here is what everyone likes about the way this works: I’ll take orders tonight. Then your products will be delivered in a couple of days so you can start living your total wellness lifestyle.

Flip to the back of the class handout and start filling out the shaded areas on the order form, and I'll come around to answer any questions."

How Well Do You Close?

Rate yourself from 1–10 on how confident you feel, 10 being very confident.

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