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Digestive Blend

Tummy troubles in need of taming? Tamer Digestive Blend is the newest addition to the doTERRA Kids collection, and it is not one you want to be without.

Usage Tips:

  • Keep Tamer on hand in your purse or child’s backpack.
  • Apply to the stomach after a large meal.
  • Take on a road trip to ease the effects of motion sickness.

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Essential Oils for Helping Little Tummies

When your little one needs some soothing help, you want to be able to provide that for them! Tamer Digestive Blend is perfect for children and adults alike. Whether it’s unfamiliar food, a windy car ride, or first day of school nerves, you want Tamer on hand to do exactly what it named for and tame!

What Is in Tamer Digestive Blend?

Tamer is a blend of essential oils with unique benefits, including Peppermint and Ginger—two heroes found in DigestZen® Digestive blend.

Tamer contains

If your child doesn’t love the smell of DigestZen, try Tamer. It smells like gum!

How to Use Tamer Digestive Blend

Tamer comes in a convenient roller bottle, which means you can simply just roll it straight on to the stomach, bottoms of the feet, or desired area whenever you or your kids need its taming benefits.

Because the essential oils in Tamer are already in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil, you do not need to dilute the blend. Apply it to the abdomen for a cooling, calming massage with a deliciously minty scent.

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