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Citrus limon

Sweet and citrusy, Lemon essential oil supports the health of the respiratory and digestive system. A favorite for diffusing, Lemon is emotionally energizing and can be used in natural cleaning products. 

Digestive System
Respiratory System


  • Diffuse to create an uplifting environment.
  • Add one drop of Lemon essential oil to a glass of water for a refreshing drink that aids digestion and naturally cleanses the body.* 
  • Add Lemon Essential Oil to a spray bottle of water to clean tables, countertops, and other surfaces.
  • For a gentle furniture polish, simply add a few drops of Lemon to olive oil on a cloth to clean, protect, and shine wood finishes.
  • Wipe down stainless steel appliances with a soft cloth soaked in Lemon oil for a streak-free clean. 


Cleansing, energizing, and emotionally invigorating, Lemon is the perfect oil to diffuse for encouraging a positive mood. Taken internally, Lemon can assist with seasonal respiratory discomfort and provide cleansing and digestive benefits.*
Lemon essential oil has a clean, fresh, citrus scent and is known to support healthy respiratory function.* doTERRA Lemon essential oil is sourced in Italy, which offers ideal growing conditions for producing this bright and tangy essential oil.
Lemon essential oil is cold pressed from the rind of the fruit. On average, a single Lemon tree produces between 500 and 600 lemons a year, which yield approximately seven ounces of Lemon essential oil annually.
The primary constituent of Lemon essential oil is Limonene, which is a popular ingredient in household cleaning products. You can make your own green cleaning products with Lemon essential that are free of harmful chemicals and safe for your home and family. 
Lemon essential oil is often used in cooking and is popular in both savory and sweet dishes. Add a few drops to marinades for fish and chicken or to add a little zing to salad dressings. A favorite addition to cookies, cakes, puddings, and pastries, Lemon is equally tasty in green smoothies. It also makes a natural water flavoring. 

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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