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Discover Solutions: Green Mandarin

Green Mandarin Essential Oil

Citrus nobilis

The sweet, and slightly floral-scented Green Mandarin essential oil is unique among citrus oils in its benefits and uses. Taken internally, it helps support healthy cardiovascular, digestive, immune, metabolic, and nervous systems functions.*


Usage Tips:

  • Give your immune and digestive systems a boost by adding a drop of Green Mandarin to your water.* 
  • Brighten and energize your work environment or work place by diffusing Green Mandarin.
  • Incorporate Green Mandarin in your home as a food preservative or dilute it in a spray bottle to clean the surfaces of your kitchen.
  • For a DIY natural skin toner and clarifier, add a few drops to water or witch hazel.

Learn More

Green Mandarin essential oil is cold-pressed from the peel of the unripened fruit of the mandarin tree. The fully ripened fruit is the mandarin orange and it is exceptionally sweet among citrus fruits. 

Like the other citrus oils, Green Mandarin has cleansing and purifying properties due to the chemical constituent limonene. Diffusing it clears and purifies the air. As a natural surface cleaner, Green Mandarin is especially effective when paired with additional citrus oils. It is also gentle and effective for cleansing the skin and helps to keep the skin looking healthy when applied topically. Green Mandarin essential oil may help relieve occasional heartburn and/or indigestion as limonene has detoxifying benefits and assists gastrointestinal function when ingested.* 

 Green Mandarin also contains gamma-terpinene, which helps boost healthy cellular function, and protects against environmental threats by supporting immune system function and response.* 

Green Mandarin can be soothing to the nervous system.* The aroma is calming yet energizing and uplifting. Diffusing or inhaling from the hands will elevate mood. Even though Green Mandarin comes from the unripe fruit, it is less sour than most of the citrus oils.

Green Mandarin essential oil is sourced in Brazil from the immature fruit that is thinned from mandarin trees during the growing process. Thinning fruit trees is a necessary part of the growing process because it prepares room for the remaining fruit to ripen and mature, but at that stage the thinned product is too green and sour to eat. Previously, that thinned mandarin went to waste, but now these small-scale farmers are being compensated for that product, which is cold-pressed for Green Mandarin essential oil. It provides these farmers with a steadier income and more sustainable business, and we are the beneficiaries of everything this beautiful essential oil has to offer.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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