Green Mandarin


Green Mandarin is one of doTERRA’s most unique citrus oils. The main constituent of Green Mandarin is γ-terpinene, which is unique to this essential oil. γ-terpinene may support healthy cellular function when taken internally.* Aside from its biological benefits, γ-terpinene also contributes to the distinct, sweet aroma of Green Mandarin.


The sourcing story for Green Mandarin is even more unique than its chemistry. As farmers grow the citrus trees that are used to produce some of our essential oils, the mandarin tree (Citrus reticulata) goes through a heavy thinning process. Most of the young, unripe fruit is removed during this process. Before this oil was brought to the market, the unripe fruit was left on the ground to decompose and become part of the soil. Now, that unripe fruit is being used to produce an essential oil with one of the most unique chemical and aroma profiles in our citrus category. Its sourcing story makes Green Mandarin one of doTERRA’s most eco-friendly single oils.


If you haven’t already experienced the particular benefits of this essential oil, your new favorite citrus oil may be just around the corner. Try diffusing Green Mandarin for a sweet, uplifting aroma, or add a drop of Green Mandarin to your drinking water for enhanced flavor.

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