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Product Spotlight: xEO Mega® Essential Oil Mega Complex

xEO Mega Product Description
With a proprietary blend of land-sourced and marine omega fatty acids, and an exclusive formula that includes CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade™​​​​​​​ doTERRA essential oils, xEO Mega is a helpful addition to any healthy lifestyle. Most importantly, the xEO Mega essential oil complex can provide the body with omega fatty acids that it needs, but cannot produce on its own.

Essential Fatty Acids (EFA), more commonly known as “omega” fatty acids, are a group of lipids vital to optimum health but that must be provided through the diet because the body is incapable of synthesizing them. In particular, omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFAs) are important for the health of your cardiovascular and immune systems, joints, promoting cellular growth, brain development, and for proper inflammatory response.* EFA intake is one the most important aspects of good nutrition and overall health, yet it is also one of the most common deficiencies in the modern diet, which is rich in pro-inflammatory omega-6s. 

Actually consuming enough omega-3s for optimal health can be quite a challenge. The best sources, including fatty fish and marine algae, can be expensive, offer off-putting tastes, and are simply not common in most diets. Fish oils and broad-spectrum EFA supplements are a rapidly growing segment of nutrition supplementation because they offer a convenient solution to a very common nutritional problem. With the xEO Mega Essential Oil Omega Complex, doTERRA has developed the most comprehensive EFA supplement on the market. 

What Makes xEO Mega Unique?
The health benefits of supplementing with omega-3 fatty acids are well known, but in xEO Mega doTERRA has developed the most advanced essential oil omega complex on the market, with an even broader range of benefits. Like with all dietary supplements, bioavailability is key. 

There are many different unsaturated fatty acids from countless sources, all with their own distinct set of characteristics. One daily dose of xEO Mega provides 900 milligrams of pure, micro-filtered marine lipids with 300 mg of EPA and 300 mg of DHA—the two distinct types of long-chain omega-3s that research has consistently shown to be the most beneficial and the most lacking in the conventional diet. 

While EFAs themselves are vitally important for health and wellness, they aren’t a dietary cure-all. doTERRA essential oil xEO Mega complex was developed to deliver a wide variety of benefits by including other highly bioavailable micronutrients and antioxidants.* xEO Omega also includes a proprietary essential oil complex that work with lipids for added antioxidant protection support of immune system function, and they assist with the digestive process.* xEO Mega also includes 800 IU of Vitamin D, 20 IU of Vitamin E, and antioxidant astaxanthin. The vitamin D, vitamin E, and astaxanthin offer additional body system support and help further promote a healthy response to oxidative stress.*

Finally, xEO Omega was specifically formulated to be used daily with Microplex VMz® and Alpha CRS+® as a comprehensive dietary supplement foundation for a lifetime of vitality and wellness.* Together, the three supplements provide highly bioavailable sources of the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids that the common diet is most likely to be deficient in. No need to stick to a complex pill regimen or overthink it—a healthy balanced diet and Microplex VMz, Alpha CRS+, and xEO Mega give you a simple way to maintain well-being.*  

xEO Mega Benefits
  1. Many supplements focus on benefitting just one area of the body, however, xEO Mega is designed to have far-reaching effects for several vital areas of the human body. Essential fatty acids are important nutritional building blocks for the proper function of many body systems. xEO Mega promotes healthy cardiovascular, nervous, and immune system function.*
  2. As we age, things like healthy joints, range of mobility, and simply the ease of getting around become more important. Luckily, xEO Mega supports joint function and comfort.* Numerous studies have shown that omega-3s are important for maintaining joint health and mobility, and may help increase blood flow during exercise.* No matter our age, being able to get around easily and comfortably is something we all want to experience. 
  3. Sustaining healthy function of our immune system can be very important, particularly during seasons when threats to our immunity are high. xEO Mega provides important modulating nutrients for healthy immune function.* Experimental research has shown that omega-3 EFAs may actually enhance the function of white blood cells.
  4. As mentioned, xEO Mega can help promote healthy joints, the immune system, and cardiovascular health.* However, the benefit to the body does not stop here; several other systems throughout the body can benefit from this proprietary blend of necessary nutrients. xEO Mega protects against lipid oxidation and supports healthy function of the brain, eyes, and nervous system.* 
  5. Did you know that omega-3 fatty acids are not only beneficial for our internal systems, but they can be helpful for promoting healthy skin?* Numerous studies have shown that consuming omega-3 fatty acids may lead to smoother, younger-looking skin and visible decreases in minor blemishes and irritations.* Whether you deal with occasional skin irritations, or you wouldn’t mind having a smoother complexion, xEO Mega can help promote healthy, younger-looking skin.*
  6. xEO Mega also provides a wide range of omega-3 fatty acids including EPA, DHA, ALA, and SDA from marine and plant sources.* 
  7. While other omega-3 supplements may promise impressive benefits, xEO Mega is unique because it has been specially formulated with a proprietary blend of doTERRA CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade essential oils of Clove, Frankincense, Thyme, Cumin, Wild Orange, Peppermint, Ginger, Caraway, and German Chamomile. This combination of essential oils works together to enhance the efficacy of xEO Mega through added antioxidant protection.*​​​​​​​

  8. xEO Mega includes 800 IU of natural vitamin D and 20 IU of natural vitamin E. Vitamin D plays an essential role in bone health, immune system function, and inflammatory response.* Vitamin E has antioxidant properties and plays a role in healthy immune function.*
  9. This proprietary complex also includes a clinically-substantiated microalgae carotenoid extract of pure astaxanthin. Astaxanthin has been clinically substantiated to provide powerful antioxidant and circulatory benefits, support eye health, improve muscle strength and endurance, aid the liver and digestive system, support skin health, and modulate healthy immune function.*
  10. As mentioned, xEO Mega is considered a far-reaching supplement capable of providing the body with several vital nutrients that the body cannot produce on its own. Along with these benefits, xEO Mega has been specifically formulated to be used daily with Microplex VMz and Alpha CRS+ as a comprehensive dietary supplement foundation for a lifetime of vitality and wellness.*

How to Take xEO Omega
Adults, take 4 to 8 liquicaps per day with food. xEO Mega is formulated to be used daily with Alpha CRS+ and Microplex VMz. xEO Omega is not recommended for children. We recommend IQ Mega® to supplement children’s diets with EFAs.

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