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A Fresh Look at Dilution

Let’s look at some skin science. The skin is composed of many layers. The outermost layer is called the stratum corneum, which is composed of dead keratinized cells surrounded by intercellular glycolipids1,2. This layer is great at keeping out unwanted materials such as water, dirt, and microbes. However, the chemical constituents of essential oils possess unique properties that allow them to readily pass through the stratum corneum2-4.

But they don’t pass through all at once. In fact, the stratum corneum serves as a reservoir of lipophilic substances, such as essential oils5-7. This reservoir drains into the dermis in a matter of a few hours6.

Diluting an essential oil in a carrier oil slows down the “reservoir drain.” The carrier oil increases the hydration of the skin, meaning it increases the integrity of the skin8. Because of this, essential oils take longer to enter and pass through the stratum corneum. 

Here’s the takeaway message: the best way to get a localized, longer-lasting effect from applying essential oils topically is to dilute.

The doTERRA Touch® oils are perfectly suited for delivering diluted oils to specific areas for a longer-lasting, localized effect.


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