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Supplements Explained: Muscle, Joints, and Bones

Your bones, muscles, and joints together form the musculoskeletal system (along with your tendons, ligaments, and cartilage). The bones provide the structural component that protects your internal organs. Your muscles and joints then make movement possible. It goes without saying that without any one element of the system, you would not be able to perform daily tasks or other activities that you enjoy.

The following doTERRA supplements help support your muscles, joints, or bones.*

Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex®

The specialized Frankincense extract in the complex supports muscle and joint comfort.* It goes well with extracts of Ginger, curcumin, resveratrol, and other polyphenols that soothe occasional aches and discomfort.* Polyphenols are natural water-soluble antioxidants, and can come from a variety of sources. The polyphenols in this complex are from green tea, red wine, and grape and pomegranate juice.

Recommended Use: Take with food, one capsule in the morning and one in the evening. Or, if preferred, take as needed when experiencing discomfort.

Bone Nutrient Essential Complex

Women continue to build bone mass and reach their maximum bone density in their late twenties. But, Bone Nutrient is made up of a blend of vitamins and minerals women need to support bone health from adolescence through menopause.* Note: though this is formulated to meet the specific bone health needs of women, men can also use Bone Nutrient to meet their calcium and magnesium needs.*

Recommended Use: Teens through adults can take four capsules daily with food.

Phytoestrogen Essential Complex

The accompanying supplement to Bone Nutrient, Phytoestrogen provides more support for healthy bones.* Maintaining a healthy ratio of estrogen metabolites in the body is vital for women. Current research shows that an imbalance of certain metabolites can have a negative impact on a woman’s health (including bone health) as she ages. The phytoestrogens in this supplement (plant compounds with similar properties to estrogen) help with estrogenic effects in the body, and help balance hormones.*

Recommended Use: Take one to two capsules daily with food or as needed. Women going through menopause can take it along with the doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack® and Bone Nutrient Essential Complex.

vEO Mega®, xEO Mega®, & Microplex VMz®

As discussed in our previous post, each of these supplements are also for daily use. Among their other benefits, xEO Mega and vEO Mega specifically have benefits for supporting your joints.* This is thanks to the omega fatty acids included in the formula. Microplex VMz includes calcium, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin D to give your bones the best support possible.* The vegan version of this supplement also includes these four ingredients.

IQ Mega®

So which of these supplements is good for children’s growing bodies? IQ Mega, while mostly known for supporting healthy brain function, is great for supporting the joints, thanks to the omega-3s included in the formula.*

Recommended Use: Take one teaspoon daily

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