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What to Look for in Natural Toothpaste

Whether you’re actively trying to reduce your toxic load or simply prefer natural products, you may not know what to look for in a natural toothpaste. Of course, you’ll want to avoid common synthetic ingredients in conventional toothpastes—like artificial flavors, colors, and chemicals—but what should you actively seek out?

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Protect Your Teeth Naturally

Toothpaste cleans and protects the teeth, strengthening and supporting enamel to prevent cavities and erosion—commercially with help from fluoride. Hydroxyapatite, a naturally occurring fluoride alternative, helps the teeth feel stronger, healthier, and less sensitive to temperatures and even restores and remineralizes enamel, according to experimental research. doTERRA On Guard® Natural Whitening Toothpaste features hydroxyapatite as a key component.


A common ingredient in many natural toothpastes—and chewing gums—is xylitol. Natural xylitol sweetener improves flavor and helps clean the teeth and gums. Hydrated silica, another amazing ingredient, is a natural abrasive that works to remove tooth stains and clean the teeth. Unlike charcoal and other harsh ingredients, hydrated silica won’t damage tooth enamel.

Essential Oils in Toothpaste

Replace artificial chemicals with pure essential oils, which offer fresh flavors and oral hygiene benefits. Because many market products are adulterated, make sure you’re purchasing essential oils—or toothpaste with essential oils—from a brand you trust. You should verify the brand performs extensive testing on their products for purity, potency, and safety.


With natural toothpaste gaining popularity, you’ll have an increasing number of options and variety of ingredients. If specific ingredients are important to you—whether they’re what you want included or excluded—read the labels as you peruse and consider your options.


doTERRA On Guard Natural Whitening Toothpaste

As mentioned earlier, doTERRA On Guard Natural Whitening Toothpaste is fluoride-free and features hydroxyapatite. It also includes xylitol and hydrated silica.


doTERRA On Guard Natural Whitening Toothpaste features a proprietary blend of CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade® essential oils, starting with the signature doTERRA On Guard Protective Blend of Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary, from there incorporating Peppermint, Wintergreen, and Myrrh. Myrrh boasts powerful cleansing properties, especially for the mouth and throat. Peppermint and Wintergreen are known for their oral care benefits, balancing the spicy cinnamon flavor of doTERRA On Guard. doTERRA On Guard Natural Whitening Toothpaste will leave your mouth (and toothbrush!) clean and refreshed.

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