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Taking Advantage of BOGOs for Your Business

Now that BOGO week is underway, some of you may be wondering how you can best use this promotion to help you grow your business. Besides the benefits of earning free product, BOGO week is actually prime time to put different building techniques into practice. Below, find eight ways the BOGOs can help you:

  1. Focus on the experience and learning aspect. This one goes for yourself as well as your downline. Use BOGO week as a learning experience to discover oils or products you might not have otherwise. If you have already experienced the oil, then focus on encouraging your team to learn more.
  2. Emphasize using it for LRP and free product points. Also for both you and your team, if you’re planning on ordering more than one of the qualifying products (you can get the deal up to five times), make sure that you at least reach 50 PV and order using Loyalty Rewards in order to get a percentage back in free product points.
  3. Use it as a talking point. As you make at least two contacts a day, be sure to make BOGOs a talking point. You can talk about doTERRA promotions in general, and talk about what is currently going on that they could participate in if they sign up.
  4. Build your team relationships. While you should be communicating with your team on a regular basis anyway, you can use BOGO week as a chance to reach out to your team (or potential team members). Keep an eye on when the next BOGO is available and notify them with a personal message. Whether through text message or email, your team will know that you are looking out for them and wanting to open communication.
  5. Gain new leads online. Using social media share or create your own post about the BOGO, making sure to talk about the benefits of the oils involved.
    Tip: doTERRA always posts promotional pieces you can use on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter through Hootsuite Amplify. If you have not heard of the doTERRA social media app through Hootsuite Amplify, see more here.
  6. Reach out to previous contacts. If there is someone you have contacted before, but you were not sure how to reach out to them again to follow up, do so now to share about BOGO week. Tell them you wanted to follow up, and let them know about the latest promotion.
  7. Encourage your builders. Hold a brief training for your builders about how to use BOGOs to talk about doTERRA with others, follow up, or strengthen their teams.
  8. Save on shipping. If you are planning to purchase multiple BOGO offers, there is a way to save on shipping. Get a group together of others in your line who want to take advantage of the BOGOs and alternate who buys that BOGO for the day. That way you are only paying for shipping once!

These are just some of the ways BOGO week can be helpful for you as a business builder. How have you used BOGO week to grow your business?

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