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AromaTouch Technique Movements - Thumb Walk Tissue Pull

Thumb Walk Tissue Pull

The Thumb Walk Tissue Pull is a unique part of the AromaTouch® Technique. It is only performed after applying On Guard® and Deep Blue® essential oils. In this movement, we focus on Zone 1, the master zone of the body. Focusing on this zone and methodically working from the parasympathetic connections at base of sacrum to the parasympathetic at the base of head helps to return the body to its proper rhythm. It also creates feelings of relaxation throughout the rest of the body.

This movement helps to solidify the environmental support and muscle relaxation that comes with the application of On Guard and Deep Blue essential oils. This step is only done twice because it provides powerful benefits when performed properly.

Performed with the Following Oils:

doTERRA On Guard®

Deep Blue®

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