dōTERRA Europe Legacy Trips - FAQs

All Wellness Advocates that advance to the rank of Silver or higher* can qualify. Everyone is eligible for a maximum of two Legacy Trip and can qualify during any qualification period as long as doTERRA Europe offers the Legacy Trip programme.

*If you reached the rank of Silver before September 2022, your qualification may vary as it is determined by your Base Rank.

No sign-up is required. Every Wellness Advocate is automatically considered for the programme.

Buy-in options will be subject to availability and restricted to a co-applicant or direct family member. Further information will be provided once Legacy Trip invitations are sent to all who have qualified.

No. To be able to participate in the Production Experience, you must rank advance from the rank you achieved during the qualification for the Distillery Experience. Eg., if you qualified as Silver for the Distillery Experience, you need to achieve Gold or above during a new qualification period to qualify. If you qualified as Gold for the Distillery Experience, you need to qualify as Platinum or above for the Production Experience.

No. You can qualify for one trip at a time during an ongoing qualification period. You must qualify for the Production experience during a different qualification period than the Distillery experience.

No. Only European enrolments with a 100+ PV enrolment order will count towards your Legacy Trip qualification.

The Base Rank is the highest rank that you have reached or exceeded at least three times during the base period, from September 2021 – August 2022. If you are uncertain about your base rank, contact your account manager or email euaccountmanagement@doterra.com.

To see examples, click the Base Rank tab

No. This rank is fixed and will not change.

If you participated in the Albania 2022 Distillery Experience, you are eligible to participate in the Production Experience by qualifying during any of the future qualification periods. You need to achieve the rank above your Distillery Experience Rank or higher for four months within the qualification period and personally enrol a minimum of four new members (each with a single 100+ PV enrolment order). If you have any questions regarding your rank target, please contact euevents@doterra.com.

No, you cannot give away your space for a Legacy Trip you have qualified for. With the exception of the buy-in tickets (subject to availability), every participant must have qualified for the respective trip in order to attend.

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