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Clove Bud Oil Uses and Benefits

Clove Bud Oil Product Description

No matter the season, there’s always a time to cozy up with the spiced aroma of Clove Bud essential oil. Though it is best known for the cooking spice it is distilled from, Clove Bud essential oil is a unique and powerful aroma that you can utilize even outside the kitchen. Clove Bud oil can be used for adding flavour to a recipe, administering a warming sensation to the skin during a soothing massage, freshening your breath, and more. Clove Bud oil is an essential oil of many everyday uses—making it an essential addition in any home all year round.

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How Do I Use Clove Bud Oil?

  1. Oral Hygiene Routine: Use Clove Bud oil to boost your oral hygiene routine. Simply place a single drop of Clove Bud oil in 60 mL of water and gargle for a soothing effect and a clean freshness. You can also add one drop of Clove Bud oil to your toothpaste, which will help promote clean teeth and fresh breath.
  2. Cooking and Baking: Being derived from a famed cooking spice, it’s no wonder that Clove Bud oil also has a place in your kitchen cabinets. Try substituting whole cloves, or the ground spice, with one drop of Clove Bud essential oil in dinner and dessert dishes. Because of its warm, spicy characteristics, Clove oil makes an especially perfect addition to your favourite autumn or holiday recipes.
  3. Skincare Routine: Enjoy the scent as a part of your soothing skincare routine. Combine one drop Clove Bud oil with a dollop of the doTERRA SPA Hand and Body lotion for a gentle, warming sensation on the skin during moisturizing.
  4. Massage: Because Clove Bud oil provides a warming sensation to the skin, it is the perfect companion to a calming massage at home. Since Clove Bud oil is a “hot” oil, be sure to dilute each drop with 10 drops of a carrier oil such as Fractionated Coconut Oil before using it in a massage.
  5. Potpourri: Freshen up your home space and boost your decor game with a homemade potpourri made with Clove Bud essential oil. Complement Clove Bud oil’s aroma with choices like Cinnamon Bark oil, Cassia oil, Vetiver oil, Wild Orange oil, and any other favourites for a warm, spicy, herbal aroma that boasts the cozy scents of fall.
  6. Diffusion: Experience the invigorating scent of Clove Bud oil by diffusing it all year long, but especially during the fall and winter seasons. For a stimulating aroma, diffuse a blend of three drops of Clove Bud oil, two drops of Cinnamon Bark oil, and one drop of Wild Orange oil in the essential oil diffuser of your choice.

Fun Fact

Clove gets its name from the Latin word clavus, meaning “nail.” The plant earned this name because the dried buds of clove resemble small tacks or nails.

What is Clove Bud Oil?

Sourced from Madagascar, Clove Bud essential oil is harvested and steam distilled from unopened and dried flower buds of the evergreen tree, Eugenia caryophyllata. Requiring a tropical, humid environment, clove trees originally hail from Southeast Asia, and can live up to 100 years. Clove trees are members of the myrtle family whose leaves, flowers, and buds are highly aromatic, which has made them useful for centuries for cooking, perfumes, and other aromatic uses.

What Essential Oils Blend Well with Clove Bud Oil?

Clove Bud essential oil blends well with other spicy or woody essential oils, such as Wild Orange oil, Frankincense oil, Cassia oil, Cedarwood oil, Ginger oil, and Cinnamon Bark oil. Clove Bud oil also blends well with sweet, herbaceous essential oils like Roman Chamomile oil and Fennel oil.


Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas. When used topically, dilute 1 drop with 5-10 drops of carrier oil to minimize skin sensitivity.

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