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Leader Account Management Team

Canada General Manager

Michael Stirling

Business Development Director

Lise-Andrée Roy

Business Development Director (French)

Lise-Andrée Roy

Business Development Director (NACL)

Shelly Chiang

Project Manager, Sales

Leah Malagamaalii (English and French-speaking leaders)

Business Development Manager

Jing Feng (Chinese-speaking leaders)

Account Managers

English-speaking leaders

Diamond and Above 801-356-5895 | Carla Nielsen |

Gold / Platinum 437-889-0000 |  Starlee Crump |

Silver 437-889-1892 | Austin Barber |

French-speaking leaders

Platinum and Above 437-889-2017 | Stéphanie Kassegne |

Gold 437-889-2017 | Anne Larsen |

Silver 437-889-2017 | Francine Loali |

North America Chinese language market leaders

Silver and Above 801-342-4275 | Jennifer Gu, Yulien Tsai, Yufei Larson |

What can my account manager help me with?

  • Goal setting and strategic conversations
  • Explain and help maximize the compensation plan
  • Rank qualifications commission inquiries: qualifications, paid compensations and exceptions
  • Assist Silver and above ranks with their personal accounts

What can customer service help me with?

  • Process your personal orders
  • Process enrollments
  • Handle shipping issues
  • Returns, exchanges and refunds
  • Promotional inquiries and promotional exceptions
  • Assist Consultant through Premier members with their personal accounts 


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