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Product Education: Importance of Supplementation

Importance of Supplementation

Nutrient deficiencies are becoming increasingly more prevalent. As much as 95 percent of American adults do not meet recommended dietary allowances (RDA) for at least one significant micronutrient, with approximately half being deficient in specific minerals such as calcium, iron, and magnesium.

The doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack® is the easiest way to ensure that you are providing your body with the essential nutrients, fatty acids, and antioxidants it requires for peak performance, health, and wellness.*

Supplementation Tips:

  • Use the doTERRA Nutrition line—Protein, Greens, and Fiber—for a delicious, convenient, and clean way to supplement your diet.
  • Take a head-to-toe inventory of how you feel right now, and then take the doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack for 30 days. Reassess how you feel and note any changes.
  • Keep a doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack® Sachet in your purse or bag to take on the go.

Why Do I Need a Supplement?

The conventional Western pattern diet (WPD) or standard American diet (SAD) is characterized by high intakes of processed meat, highly processed and pre-packaged foods, refined grains, corn (and high-fructose corn syrup), and drinks with high sugar content. Regardless of our best efforts, the modern world promotes nutrient deficiencies, which research has shown can have significant impact on various markers of health.

Recent reports from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) present a shocking picture of dietary-related health concerns in the modern world. Our population is becoming well fed, but undernourished. While the best solution is always behavioral change regarding our dietary habits, that is often easier said than done. And, with recent studies suggesting that our healthy whole foods are getting less nutrient dense with modern farming techniques and the degradation of our soil, even the most well-planned and strict diet isn’t a guarantee. Dietary supplementation is a convenient solution to the growing problem of nutrient-poor food, declining cellular health, and other markers of wellness.

The Impact of Nutritional Input on Our Body

How we fuel our body is the foundation of our health and one of the most controllable pathways to a lifelong health and vitality. The nutritional input that we don’t provide our body can have a significant negative impact on how we feel and overall wellness. Iron deficiency, the most common nutritional deficiency worldwide, can cause extreme fatigue and weakness. Not meeting recommendations for intake of calcium is one of the primary factors in low bone mass and several heart-related conditions. Vitamin A is critical for eye health and functioning. A poor omega-6 to omega-3 ratio can affect inflammatory response, heart health, and various health problems. Furthermore, without a diet centered around bright and dark fruits, vegetables, and herbs, it is increasingly difficult to provide the antioxidant support necessary for cellular energy and protection.

What Supplements Should I Take?

Daily supplementation with the doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack is clinically shown to improve several biochemical indicators of health, cellular health, and subjective measures of overall wellness.* The doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack® is packed full of essential nutrients, metabolism benefits, and powerful antioxidants designed to promote energy, health, and vitality.* With these products, you can be confident that you are providing your body with the essential nutrients, fatty acids, and antioxidants it requires for optimal health and wellness.*

The doTERRA Nutrition line is also an excellent way to supplement your diet with the micro and macro nutrients you need to thrive. doTERRA Protein, doTERRA Greens, and doTERRA Fiber use natural ingredients as if they were fresh off the vine, root, or tree. With scientifically supported ingredients, these products can and should be combined with a healthy diet to help support your immune system, energy levels, and digestive system.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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