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doTERRA Compensation Plan Tips

Compensation Plan Tips

1. Make sure you process a 100+ PV Loyalty Rewards order each month. This will ensure you meet the requirement for all bonuses. (note: if you bump your order to 125 PV and process before the 15th, you will also receive the free product of the month.)

2. To qualify for Fast Start make sure you keep your Loyalty Rewards order template above 100 PV at all times. To be eligible for Fast Start you need to have your order process over 100 PV and have the template at over 100 during the month because Fast start pays weekly.

3. Bonuses are earned each month you qualify for them. If you want to earn shares from the leadership pool and qualify for lower levels of unilevel make sure you meet the rank requirements each month.


4. Confirm all orders are in by midnight on the 10th of the month for qualifications. Sponsor moves can be done in your back office by the 10th of the next month, but you’ll want to make those as soon as you know where to put your new team members so you don’t miss the window or calculate volume wrong in one of your legs. All enroller changes should be submitted by email before the 10th of the month.

5. Use your qualification module in your back office to check your commissions throughout the month and after. Primary commissions process between the 15th and 20th of the month following qualifications. Check the qualifications module often between the first and fifteenth of the following month to ensure returns have not affected your qualifications. This module will help you see where you are at when you check it. Think, ‘if commissions ran right now, this is how I would be paid.’ Call Member Services or your Account Manager if the qualifications module isn’t showing what you expected it to.

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