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Episode 104: Am I Supporting My Immune System?

doTERRA: You have a busy life—things to keep track of and worries on your mind—but your immune system shouldn't have to be one of them. In fact, supporting your immune system can become an integrated part of your daily routine with help from doTERRA’s natural solutions.

Welcome back to Essential Oil Solutions with doTERRA, the podcast where you'll hear exciting, useful, and simple everyday uses for essential oils from experts in the field. If you like what you hear today, rate, review, and subscribe wherever you listen. We always appreciate hearing from you.

Today, we're excited to talk to Nicole Moultrie about how you can utilize doTERRA products to help support your immune system every day. Nicole, thank you so much for being here with us today.

Nicole Moultrie: Thanks for having me. I'm so excited to be here. I love this podcast!

doTERRA: Well, we love having you on. And this is a topic that I think is at the forefront of people's minds, and that is our immune system. So can you give us a little bit of information about why supporting our immune system is so important?

Nicole: It couldn't be more true, and thank heavens we have so many incredible tools with doTERRA to help us do that.

But why it's so important to support our immune system is I learn—and like many of you that are listening, I'm sure you learned a lot at convention—and I learned a lot about our immune system. I love how they dove into it and really expanded on it. And short and in simple terms, it's important to support our body's immune system because it's our body's natural defense system.

You know Dr. Osguthorpe talked about if we didn't have an immune system, you know, our bodies—we would only live, you know, for a short amount of time because they fight off you know all these dangerous things that our body really needs our immune system to protect us against. So I thought that was really interesting.

And we certainly need an immune system to not only survive but to thrive, you know, in our lives. So it's really apparent how important having a high-functioning, optimal immune system can be to keep us our healthiest selves.

doTERRA: I think you're absolutely right. It's one of those things we take for granted a little bit until we don't have it anymore.

Nicole: That's right. That's absolutely correct.

doTERRA: So what are some things I can do every day? What are some lifestyle changes that I can make to help support my immune system?

Nicole: I mean, if you all have been around doTERRA or you are just new to doTERRA, we love a routine. We love and have learned that, you know, less is more in our essential oils and in the products we use. It's a long, steady stream versus these mass doses. And that's what I love about setting up a routine. And what can I do? What lifestyle changes can I make to help support my immune system? Again, can be really simple.

Wash Your Hands and Drink Enough Water

I keep referring back to Dr. O, Dr. Osguthorpe, because he says—you know—wash your hands. Being aware is another great way to support your immune system. Going back to drinking a lot of water. You know, it's recommended to drink half our body’s ideal weight in ounces every day.

Add Citrus Essential Oils to Your Water

And you know what will boost your immune system even more is go ahead and add one to two to—if you're drinking a large amount of water, like myself, every day—a few drops of citrus essential oils. My current favorite is Tangerine, but this just helps our bodies flush those toxins naturally and allows our immune system to function, you know, at a high level, to function properly.

Move Your Body

Another really great way to boost your immune system is movement, exercise. It helps our body start to produce those happy hormones, and that again—it's always so interesting how it goes back to stress and our emotions and how well our body is feeling. How well it is functioning really has a direct link to how we're feeling emotionally, so when we're able to move our bodies around and get those happy hormones up, we feel better. We feel better. Our immune system can be supported better.

Get Restful Sleep

Sleep. Sleep, sleep, sleep. Our sleep cycle can wreak havoc. I want you to think back to a time—maybe your cyclical, like a lot of us this time of year or that time of year, you're like this is a major—I want to talk to accountants. You know, we get to tax season, and that's a great time to offer some immune support to them because they're sleeping poorly, their diet is wonky because they're working such long hours. And this really, really affects their immune system. If you've ever pushed really hard for something or had high stress, you'll find your body, often after, there will be a little bit of a let down. It's really interesting. Again, if you'll notice what your body's trying to tell you.

Pay Attention to Your Gut Health

So sleep. Wash your hands. Plenty of water, and your diet. It's said that anywhere between 60 to 80 percent of our immune system is found in our gut. How healthy is your diet? What are we doing to improve our gut health? Those are all a little lifestyle changes that we can make that really help support a healthy immune system.

doTERRA: Absolutely. I love all of those. So switching now to our environment that we're in every day. How can I create an environment that helps support my immune system?

Nicole: My brain first went to our new On Guard Wipes! In my environment, I am thinking of preschool and elementary school and the gym. And really, we're exposed to so many different things throughout the day that we want to control the controllables. Right?

doTERRA: Right.

Nicole: So I love that we've got our On Guard Hand Sanitizing Mist. That helps us control on-the-go interactions with threats. Or like I said, we have our new On Guard Wipes. And it’s so funny. I sent some with my oldest who was going and I said, “Use these for wipes or after recess.” Comes home and like I was thinking like, “Oh, he can use these throughout the week, or whatever.”

“Mom, I used all my wipes today.”

I was like, “Okay, I'm glad they're going to sell them in a pack of 50 because we're going through them.” But I love that. I love that he is able to create an environment that helps, you know, support his system throughout the day.

We're so lucky to have diffusers. We're so lucky to be able—and now, you guys, I’m on a Convention high. I'm promoting all the Convention products because they're so good. We've got our Roam diffuser. We have a battery powered option to take with us wherever it is we're going. And so, a drop of On Guard, you know, to help cleanse and purify the air, that's a great way to create an environment, you know, that is eliminating toxins in the air. That’s just another easy thing to do.

How are you—or how are your cleaning your household cleaning products? What are we doing with our laundry? We talk about products with toxins and threats in them even in our personal care. It's amazing the changes that can happen just by little changes. Little changes lead to big changes and so to sum it up is, you know, creating an environment is basically just getting doTERRA products into your life is really going to help.

doTERRA: And I think it's incredible, like you said, it's those little changes that we can make everyday with things that we don't think about, like our laundry or our personal care products, that are going to stack up and make a big difference.

Nicole: It's amazing. Once you start it's a snowball. You're like, “Oh wait, I could do this. I could do this,” or “I could switch this up,” or “Hey, this is really great.” And again, it's just incredible what we can do with doTERRA’s help.

doTERRA: So moving to what we're putting into our body, what doTERRA products should I be taking internally to help support my immune system?

Nicole: That's a great question. And I love that we talked a lot about this, again, at Convention because sometimes people just are curious what's a day in the life. You know, those little clips that we go through or are learning from people. How do they spend their life with a, you know, a day a daily routine, so to speak?

doT​​​​​​​ERRA On Guard® and Frankincense

And so, I love that we talked a lot about On Guard, you know, and I joke and say, “Some On Guard a day,” or “When in doubt, Frank it out.” We have all these catchy terms to help us remember. But I love the breakdown we got from the different age levels to, you know, a small child and an On Guard Beadlet could be used to support their immune system daily up to you know an On Guard Softgel could be used daily to support the immune system. I love Frankincense taken internally to support the immune system.


I thought Dr. Nicole Stevens reminded me, and I'll remind you if you missed it, just how incredible Lavender can be in supporting our immune system, when taken internally. We often think of Lavender just for calming, but it's a great way—it's a great oil to support your immune system when taken internally.


I love—going back to our gut health—I love our probiotic, our PB Assist®+ or our PB Assist® Jr. When we take those daily, that is going to provide us some combative power. Our vitamin supplements, Lifelong Vitality, TerraZyme® is an incredible digestive enzyme.


And Zendocrine. Zendocrine is also an amazing—we have a product line of the oil, or the softgel, or the supplement that really helps our filtration system. You know, our five major organs to be filtering and functioning at the best of their ability.

All of these things come together to really help our immune system and if our immune system is functioning well, our brain is functioning well. It's all tied to the nervous system. It's all really—like I said—it's all, if you could see my hands, I'm kind of putting together a puzzle, it's all these pieces of a puzzle that come together. And again, that's just an eenie meenie miny mo. There's so many supportive oils and products that we can use internally.

doTERRA: So Nicole, you mentioned kind of a day in the life or the daily routine. What is your personal daily routine to help support your immune system?

Nicole: I love this question. I'll never forget we had a class, and you know, were teaching and talking about different oils. And I'm just giving some illustration of different uses, and she raised her hand and said, you know, “Do you put on or take or use 40 oils throughout the day?”

And I'm like, “You know, I probably do.” Whether they’re personal care products or, you know, our supplements, or topically, diffusing in the air.

Nicole’s Daily Routine

But I love to start the day off with a big old water bottle. I prefer my water cold. And I love a straw. And I love Tangerine, like I said. I love some citrus oils in my water, get my handful of supplements out, and that is how I start my daily routine.

You know, I'm thinking of this morning where we're spraying down the counters before we go to school. And that has On Guard and Lemon and Wild Orange is my favorite combo. And these things that you just think about in your everyday morning routine, they are helping your immune system. They're helping to support it.

As the day goes on, you know, we've got our healthy diet. A lot of people have—will find that sugar—we've been on a streaks program for the last almost two months, where we've tried to eliminate any extra sugar. And I know this is helping not only to provide a healthy inflammatory response, but it's also really helping our immune system. So throughout the day, we are trying to eliminate that, those extras.

I'm always diffusing something. I love the On Guard family—like I said—the wipes, we’ve got the spray. I'm thinking of my next part of the day where I'm off to school or the kids’ sporting activities or we come back home and we're using the On Guard soap to clean our hands. And then we're, again, taking our supplements throughout the day, our second dose at night, TerraZyme whenever we're eating.

I do want to talk about DDR Prime®. This is something that we've incorporated into our daily routine and my daily routine, a little extra focused this time of year. This is an incredible product and blend of essential oils.

Before we go to bed, we've got—you know—our skincare routine, like I said, our vitamins and supplements. And all of that throughout the day—you know—exercise, all those things that I mentioned earlier—I feel like I am blessed in a health sense because my daily interactions with whatever it is are so full of essential oils and healthy supplements.

doTERRA: And like you mentioned, you have these pieces as part of your day, and you don't always think about the fact that they are helping you support your immune system.

Nicole: Yeah!

doTERRA: Absolutely. So Nicole, how does doTERRA’s new Immunity Wellness Program, how can that help me achieve my wellness goals?

Nicole: Oh my goodness, I am so fired up about these new targeted wellness programs, specifically the Immunity Kit. if you all have not seen this yet, you've got to see the images and the products that come with them. You've got the cute bag, the initial bag that gets you started with the On Guard products, and the new toothpaste—which is amazing—the Wild Orange, and Purify, and On Guard. And you've got just this package that really helps you get set out on the right foot.

So when we're talking about, okay, what areas of our life do we want to focus on? And someone says, “I really am tired of being tired,” you know, or, “I'd really love our house to have some immune support.”

What I love about this system is you can say, “Okay, here's your next 90 days—for the next three months—you're going to get, you know, month one, a small bundle of amazing, incredible products that help support your immune system.”

And in month two, you're going to get another amazing kit that supports your immune system. And what I love that they've done is maybe they've put in items that you can't even purchase, you know, in doTERRA’s regular marketplace. So you've got a mini mouthwash coming at month two, or some On Guard protective soft gel that's maybe in a smaller bottle or different things that you're truly excited about. And like, “Oh my goodness, look what came.” In month two, a variety of products, again, different from month one. Some are going to be the same.

But then when you go to month three, you've got other items that you might not normally use that are going to support you in a variety of ways in supporting the immune system. And they've just taken it to a whole other level in doing that, in not only effectiveness, but it's fun.

They're beautiful, the packaging. And what they've done is just, again, it's just a whole other level. And not only are you going to be excited, you're going to be very excited to share this with your new clients and your new customers.

I cannot wait to get started on all three months of this Immunity Kit, and it's so simple. It's so simple, and what people need is just simplicity. And when someone can say, “Here's what I want to work on.”

And I can say to them, “Here's what we're going to do for the next three months.” That's incredible. That's powerful. That's empowerment right there.

doTERRA: Absolutely and then another incredible part of this is how much thought and research and purposefulness went behind choosing each and every one of these products and how they're grouped together.

Nicole: Oh, I love that. Thank you for pointing that out. It really is true. You'll see that as you dive into the months one to two to three, there is a lot of strategy that went into which products will best support your needs at which time. I love that. Great, great point.

doTERRA: Well Nicole, thank you so much for talking with us today, for teaching us how to better support our immune system, and showing us some of the really easy steps we can take to make sure we're taking the best care of our immune system.

Nicole: Hey, thanks so much for having me. Cheers to a healthy and happy season coming up and supporting our immune systems.

doTERRA: Thanks for joining us and congratulations on living a healthier lifestyle with essential oils. If you liked what you heard today, rate, review, and subscribe wherever you listen. Also, if you want to try any of the products you learned about, go to or find a Wellness Advocate near you to place an order today.

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