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Mulberry Silk Eye Mask 

This product is only available for purchase within the Customize and Save Sleep Wellness Program.

Close your eyes and rest with the luxurious Mulberry Silk Eye Mask. This mask is soft and gentle on the skin as you keep your surroundings dark and cozy, enjoying the deep sleep you need.



You have the best mattress, the softest sheets, beautiful blackout curtains, and your favorite diffuser. Sweet slumber is what you’re after. That’s why doTERRA has created a luxurious beauty-sleep essential, the limited-edition, 100 percent pure Mulberry Silk Eye Mask. Indescribably soft, Mulberry silk is the highest quality silk available, made from the cocoons of Mulberry silkworms fed only Mulberry leaves. Mulberry silk fibers are stronger than steel and are smoother and lighter than any other type of silk in the world. Naturally cooling, moisturizing, and gentle on skin, the mask is lightweight, hypo-allergenic, and machine washable. With a comfortable, elasticized back, the Mulberry Silk Eye Mask helps block out light for a truly comfortable and restful night’s sleep. The mask is ideal for travel and comes with a 100 percent cotton pouch.

Product Uses

  • Wear at bedtime
  • Ideal for a red-eye flight
  • Catch a backseat nap on a road trip


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