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dōTERRA abōde® Dryer Balls

abōde Dryer Balls  

doTERRA abōde Dryer Balls soften your clothes, reduce wrinkles, shorten drying time, and leave fabrics smelling great.

Can be used for home care

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These 100% New Zealand wool balls replace your dryer sheets and are safe for use with all fabrics. Place one to four drops of your favorite CPTG® essential oil onto the wool dryer balls and toss two to four dryer balls with laundry in the dryer. Once done, remove and reuse the dryer balls again and again. The doTERRA abōde Dryer Balls come in a cotton bag for easy storage.

Directions For Use

Place two to four drops of favorite CPTG essential oil onto the wool dryer balls. Toss two to four balls in the dryer with each laundry load.

Primary Benefits

  • Softens fibers
  • Reduces fabric wrinkles
  • Shortens drying time
  • Leaves your fabrics soft and smelling fabulous

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dōTERRA abōde® Dryer Balls

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