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MetaPWR System Resource Roundup

MetaPWR® System
Resource Roundup

Build Your Business with the MetaPWR System

The MetaPWR system helps you live your most powerful life. Pure essential oils and other natural extracts work together to support healthy aging and metabolic function on a cellular level.* The MetaPWR system also serves as a powerful entry point, benefiting new and existing customers alike!

To help you efficiently share the MetaPWR system, we’ve rounded up the best MetaPWR system resources for you below.

Lady sharing class materials to her class

MetaPWR System Class Materials

Download everything you need for a MetaPWR system class, including a beautifully designed PowerPoint presentation, class script so you know what to say, and a printable handout

Download the MetaPWR Class

Lady putting her hands together

Power to Be Class Materials

Instead of ineffective goals or resolutions, the Power to Be class helps customers choose a mantra or theme for 2023! Specifically designed for the new year, this class offers powerful principles and MetaPWR system education.

Download the Power to Be Class

doTERRA MetaPWR Assist product image

MetaPWR Education Course

Learn about the MetaPWR system online in this free course. Watch “the Basics of . . .” videos to learn about each product and its benefits. Then take a deep dive into the science behind how the products were developed and how they work, with special content delivered by our doctors and scientists. This self-paced course is a great resource for you and your customers.

Take the Course

MetaPWR advantage Image

30-Day Metabolic Support Course

This online course will launch for free on January 1, 2023! It takes you through 30 days of simple, step-by-step lessons and daily challenges focused on nutrition, digestion, movement, and metabolism. The only products you’ll need are the doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack® (LLV) and the MetaPWR system.

Sign Up

doTERRA MetaPWR Workbook

30-Day MetaPWR Challenge Workbook

If you prefer a pen-and-paper approach, this workbook is for you. It features similar content to the course mentioned above, but it’s more self-directed, providing a gentle guiding hand through 30 days of using the MetaPWR System and LLV.

Download the Workbook

Lady taping in a computer

MetaPWR System Webpages and PIPs

Each MetaPWR system product has a product information page (PIP). On the product’s webpage, you can purchase it and learn about uses and benefits. A product’s PIP is generally accessible at the bottom of its webpage and is a great resource for compliant claims and statements.

MetaPWR Metabolic Blend, MetaPWR Softgels, MetaPWR Beadlets, MetaPWR Satiety Gum, MetaPWR Assist, MetaPWR Advantage, MetaPWR System Kit.

MetaPWR product image

MetaPWR System Frequently Asked Questions

Do you or your customers have questions about the MetaPWR system? Find your answers in the MetaPWR system FAQ.

Read the MetaPWR FAQ

MetaPWR Advantage Image

MetaPWR YouTube Playlist

Testimonials can be incredibly powerful, so we’ve created MetaPWR Minute videos. This YouTube playlist hosts all the MetaPWR Minute videos we’ve posted so far, along with all other MetaPWR system videos. We’ll continue updating the playlist as we make new MetaPWR system content.

Check Out the MetaPWR Playlist

Hand holding a cellphone

MetaPWR System Social Media Assets

We have a free library of beautiful imagery and graphics you can use to promote the MetaPWR system on social media! Take a look at everything you can choose from!

Download MetaPWR Assets

Lady drinking doTERRA MetaPWR

Power to Be Social Media Assets

Along with class materials, we’ve created free graphics, images, and posts you can use to promote the Power to Be in 2023 campaign on social media. Promote your class, remind your followers to be thinking about their mantras, and more.

Download Power to Be Assets

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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