Worlds Collide


Worlds Collide is a charity dedicated to bringing help and relief to women and children in Goma, DR Congo, who have been sexually violated and orphaned. The organization has built a boys and girls center as a school and safe place for children to learn basic survival skills after losing their parents. Along with the school they also house all the children in their children’s home for as long as the children need. They are currently housing 120 kids. 

Worlds Collide also has a women’s center for women who have experienced trauma to come and learn tradeable skills to help them create a sustainable future for themselves.  The training center teaches the skills of sewing and basket weaving to the most vulnerable of women. These women are survivors. They bravely came to us and told their stories of how they had been farmers in their past lives and how that had the rebel groups abruptly taken all away.  Many have survived vicious rape, death of children and spouses, and all have come back from being outcast from society. Together they have found strength in their new family. Also, each woman has 2 of her children that are receiving a free education at the Jonathan Holiday School through the Vicky Pearson Routes To Learning Scholarship.
Wellness Advocate Heather Haynes with Blue Diamond sponsor Li Fryling worked together with the Healing Hands Foundation to raise funds to build a medical clinic. Heather said “The entire community is very excited for the clinic to open. The population has virtually no access to health care.  We have many women who suffer from Aids and so do their children. We are hoping they can receive their medicine directly from this very clinic, which is built on the land that has also provided them with an opportunity to learn a trade and created a community of care.” The building will provide aid for the entire community.

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