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Introducing the essentials.

Home Essentials Kit

Peppermint | 15 mL

Refreshing, cooling, invigorating

  • Apply to chest before exercise
  • Add a drop to your toothbrush
  • When tense, massage into temples

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Lemon | 15 mL

Cleansing, inside* and out

  • Add a drop to a glass of water
  • Use to wipe down surfaces
  • Inhale for a positive aroma

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Deep Blue® | 5 mL

Soothes targeted areas

  • Massage into muscles
  • Use before or after working out
  • Apply after a long workday

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Lavender | 15 mL

Calming, soothing, and relaxing

  • Put a drop on your pillow
  • Add two drops to nighttime tea
  • Apply to skin irritations

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Frankincense | 15 mL

Soothes and rejuvenates

  • Add two drops in a veggie cap
  • Apply for healthy skin
  • Diffuse for a soothing experience

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Oregano | 15 mL

Supportive and cleansing

  • Ingest for antioxidant support*
  • Add to surface cleanser
  • Add a drop in cooking recipes

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Tea Tree | 15 mL

Cleansing and purifying

  • Put a drop in a cleaning solution
  • Apply for healthy nails
  • Apply on affected areas of skin

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doTERRA Breathe® | 15 mL

Use doTERRA Breathe—the respiratory blend—to promote feelings of easy breathing.

  • Rub on chest or back
  • Diffuse at bedtime
  • Inhale directly from palms

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DigestZen® | 15 mL

Soothes stomach upset*

  • Add to water or tea
  • Rub on stomach
  • Take after a large meal

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doTERRA On Guard® | 15 mL

doTERRA On Guard supports the immune system to help protect you from environmental and seasonal threats.*

  • Diffuse during fall and winter
  • Rub on the bottoms of feet
  • Add to water with honey to soothe throat*

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The Laluz® Diffuser

User-friendly oil diffuser

  • Create an uplifting environment
  • Purify the air in the kitchen or bathroom
  • Use in your bedroom for relaxing atmosphere

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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