Goodbye Toxins, Hello Nature

We’re exposed to countless toxins every day.

You shouldn’t have to settle for questionable ingredients.
Your family deserves safe, natural products that reduce the toxins in your home, not add to them.

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How to Get Started

The burden of your body’s toxic load matters, and we care about you and your family’s wellbeing. For more than a decade, doTERRA has been a leader in the health and wellness industry. We produce the purest essential oils in the world and work tirelessly to provide you the best of what nature has to offer.

You can’t control every toxin you come in contact with, but you can control what you bring into your own home, and here’s how we help you do it.

  1. Get the Aroma Essentials Collection.
  2. Improve the air quality in your home with essential oils.
  3. Reduce your toxic load and feel your best.

Get the Aroma Essentials Collection

The Aroma Essentials Collection

Saying goodbye to the synthetic fragrances of candles, air fresheners, and room sprays doesn’t mean your home can’t still smell amazing and even better! You can freshen the air in your home naturally with the powerful aromas of pure doTERRA essential oils.

To make it easy for anyone to use the power of nature to improve the air quality in their home, doTERRA created the Aroma Essentials Collection, bringing together 10 powerhouse essential oils and blends that are tried and true for creating a fresh, clean environment that smells incredible.

The Aroma Essentials Collection includes:

Stop Letting Toxins Rule Your Life

The Easiest Way to Banish Toxins in Your Home

Every breath, every bite, every minute under the sun introduces us to substances and chemicals (natural or synthetic) that can impact our health. Products in the United States contain more than 80,000 chemicals and most of them are understudied or unregulated.

The good news is that our bodies have built-in protections and filters help us manage the toxins we encounter. But if your toxic load gets too heavy for your body to handle, things can go downhill fast. Especially because your body actually becomes less efficient at managing toxins as your toxic load increases. When functioning properly, your body is an incredibly powerful toxic load–minimizing machine.

The goal is to minimize the exposure to toxins you have control over, making your toxic load lighter! You can’t control every toxin you come in contact with, but you can control what you bring into your own home. The Aroma Essentials Collection is the easiest first step to taking control of the toxins in your home. Diffusing pure doTERRA essential oils is the best way to for your home to have inviting, uplifting aromas in a safe, natural way, with no hidden toxins.

Is having toxins in my home really that dangerous?

The detrimental effects of toxic load on your health can have serious long-term consequences. Toxins can interfere with your hormones and cause imbalances, they can cause damage to your organs, and even damage cell membranes, DNA, and modify gene expression.

Knowing this, why would we ever allow toxins in our lives? Why would we use products that might harm us? Well, we don’t always mean to. While we can’t always get rid of toxins like pollution or other elements out of our control, there is still plenty you can do to reduce your exposure to toxins within your home, and you can start by purifying the air.

Essential oils seem complicated. Wouldn’t it be easier to spray an air freshener or use a plug in?

Diffusing essential oils is an easy way to help your home can have an inviting, uplifting aromas in a safe, natural way, with no hidden toxins. It’s as simple as adding water and a few drops of oil to your diffuser, then pressing the power button. That’s it! Really!

Using natural products like essential oils is too expensive.

Pure essential oils are incredibly potent, so it only requires a couple of drops to fill the entire room with the aroma. A few drops of pure essential oil go much further than the synthetic or cheap scented products you might find at the grocery store.

Depending on how often you diffuse, the Aroma Essentials Collection is likely to last anywhere from six months to well over a year. How does a year without toxic scents wafting through your home sound? With this collection, curated for the home, you can feel good about the huge step you’re taking toward lightening the toxic load of you and your family.

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