Launch Camp gives you everything you need to host an event that teaches new builders the basics of the doTERRA business. Attendees will leave knowing exactly how to use the Empowered Success guides to launch their business and reach the rank of Elite. Download the free PowerPoint slides and presenter notes, then watch as Justin Harrison, Natalie Goddard, Laura Jacobs, and Kacie Vaudrey show you how to host the Launch Camp event.

Download Powerpoint

PowerPoints to Build Your Business

  Download  • Hold online Natural Solutions classes and webinars
Download  • Use the Live Guide to hold Lifestyle Overviews
Download  • Train your team on the Sales Guide
Download  • Download the Essential Emotions Class Presentation
Download  • Live Guide—Expanded Version

Team Training PowerPoints

  Download  • Learn the basics of Empowered Success: Getting Started
Download  • Download the PowerPoint from the Global Launch Event
Download  • Empowered Success Resources

Team Training Videos

Global Launch: Use the Build guide to attract builders

Global Launch: How to Share doTERRA

Global Launch: Simple strategies to introduce doTERRA using the Healthy Can Be Simple booklet


Global Launch: Become a pro at presenting the Natural Solutions class

Global Launch: Use the Live guide to increase LRP enrollments

Global Launch: Launch Builders and help them reach Elite

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