During Your Launch Month:

  1. Invite 45 people to attend a class
  2. Schedule 3 classes or 15 one-on-ones (or combination)
  3. Set time to invest in your business
  4. Ask yourself and schedule:
    Who needs a Natural Solutions intro to oils? 
    Who needs a follow-up to enroll?
    Who needs a Lifestyle Overview?
    Who needs a Business Overview?
    Who is ready to host a class?



Success Tracker

Use your Names List (from Build and Share guides) and track your PIPES activities with your top 25 prospects. Search your phone contacts and social media friends for ideas of who values health, purpose, and freedom. As new people come to mind and into your life, add them to your list to keep up the flow.

Start sharing and inviting, and as prospects enroll, onboard them successfully as a customer or builder. Identify prospective builders who stand out as those with higher capacity for success.

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