Fuel Your Launch

Your belief that doTERRA’s products and financial opportunity can change lives—including your own—is the single greatest source of fuel to launch your business. The higher your level of belief, the easier it is to share what you love.

Success Begins with You

• Set your LRP template to 100 PV+ to receive commissions

• Implement the Daily Wellness Plan you created in the Live guide on page 16

• Learn more by regularly using an oil reference guide and participating in continuing education.

Sharing Changes Lives

• Share your passion for living the doTERRA wellness lifestyle and inspire those around you to be open to learning how to do the same.

• Utilize the Share guide to help you share and invite successfully.

• Start connecting with your prospects and building your pipeline. Visit doterra.com > Empowered Success for tools and videos.

Build Your Dreams

• Connect to your upline team support:

Key Support: ________________
Email: _____________________
Phone: ____________________

• doTERRA is a powerful vehicle to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Expand the pathway goal you set in the Build Guide below:

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