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Do Well in Your Business and Do Good in The World

Women embracing each other with a side-hug wearing a doTERRA Healing Hands t-shirt
Women embracing each other with a side-hug wearing a doTERRA Healing Hands t-shirt

Welcome to the Impact Guide

At doTERRA, we believe Wellness Advocates have the power to change the world one drop, one person, one community at a time. Use the Impact Guide to help you become an Impact Advocate by building a purpose-driven business.

How to Use This Guide

Today’s consumers care more about corporate social responsibility than ever before. This guide can help you:

  1. Attract new customers
  2. Engage your team
  3. Inspire you to meet your business goals so you are free to give

Pursuit in Practice

doTERRA has two initiatives in the pursuit of positive impact: Co-Impact Sourcing® and doTERRA Healing Hands®. These initiatives are key pillars in the ongoing doTERRA mission to help the world heal.

Co-Impact Sourcing

  • Ethical sourcing
  • Supply chain management
  • Mission: Source the best and help the most

doTERRA Healing Hands

  • Earnest service
  • Humanitarian work
  • Mission: Empower people worldwide to be healthy, safe, and self-reliant
Man wearing a doTERRA Co-impact sourcing t-shirt

Prepare with the Pursuit

Now that you know more about the doTERRA pursuit, you’re ready to become an Impact Advocate by sharing this movement and mission of positive impact with others in three simple steps.

Two women hugging each other

1. Teach with Impact

One of the simplest ways to incorporate the doTERRA pursuit into your business is by adding oil sourcing information to your Intro to Essential Oil classes.

  • Teaching tip: For the essential oils you teach about in your class, use the Digital Marketing Kit (DMK) to identify one aspect of their sourcing stories that you can share while talking about uses and benefits.

2. Build with Impact

Get involved with doTERRA Healing Hands® to help you give back in meaningful ways while using and sharing essential oils.

  • Building tip: Review pages 12-13 of the Impact Guide to learn how you can #EngageInGood to attract, engage, and inspire with your essential oil business.
Three friends talking seating on a bench
A woman playing play ring-around-the-rosie with some children

3. Subscribe and Share

Subscribe to the Impact Advocate newsletter to receive quarterly updates about how doTERRA continues to source ethically and serve earnestly. Share it with your team so they can join too.

  • Subscribe:

To read or print the full guide, click here: doTERRA Impact Guide

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