Want to reach Diamond? Diamond Club is your opportunity to ignite your doTERRA business and grow your team. It allows you to meet new people, form personal connections, and establish new leaders, while continuing to support and build your existing team. There is a special kind of magic that happens when people feel connected, and that’s what Diamond Club is all about. It fosters connection and provides support as you build a strong team and community.

When you work at the level required for Diamond Club each month, the payoff is big. Your team, customer base, and relationships will grow because graduating from Diamond Club means you successfully lit a fire within your team.


Diamond Club Basics

Diamond Club is all about finding customers, teaching classes, and growing your team in new locations. Relationships are essential to your success, so Diamond Club requires you to be physically present during classes and meet with every new enrollment face-to-face. In order to facilitate this, the program offers travel reimbursement and special enrollment and sales incentives. These benefits allow you to foster new leadership and offset the financial investment needed for rapid growth.

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How Diamond Club Works

Why Diamond Club

Diamond Club is the secret sauce for building a thriving doTERRA business. The stats say it all: 70% of all Diamonds and above have participated in Diamond Club. This program lays the foundation for team growth and rank advancement. Here’s how Diamond Club benefits both you and your team.

Benefits for You

If you complete the monthly requirements, your team and business will grow. Period. You’ll increase your customer base, find new builders, and be able to focus on retention. When you participate in Diamond Club, your efforts are maximized for creating a thriving business. The more you put in, the more you get out.

Benefits for Your Team

When done correctly, Diamond Club is the match that starts a bonfire of growth for your entire organization. Your goal during Diamond Club is to help your team reach their goals. Let your passion for your business ignite theirs; growth is inevitable when you work together.

Diamond Club Prizes

Diamond Club is also a competition. You earn points for enrollments, rank advancements, and product sales from LRP orders (see page 7 for details). The top 50 winners earn an exclusive sourcing trip with Emily Wright. You’ll have the chance to develop a personal relationship with one of doTERRA’s founding executives and form connections with up-and-coming leaders who are just as passionate as you. On the trip, you meet the growers, see firsthand how essential oils are made, and get an intimate look into how your partnership with doTERRA is changing the world.

The Diamond Club Guide

Want to participate but don’t have all the details? Not sure how to succeed in Diamond Club? We created the Diamond Club Guide just for you. The guide has all the information you need for a successful Diamond Club season so you can build your business like never before. 

It includes tips and tricks to help you:

  • Hold more classes
  • Earn more points
  • Get your team excited
  • Implement a simple business strategy
  • Get exclusive enrollment incentives
  • Submit travel reimbursement requests
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