Three Steps to Launch Your Business

Begin changing lives by completing the following action steps and building your financial pipeline.

Step 1:
Live the Wellness Lifestyle

• Experience a Natural Solutions presentation and get enrolled.
• Get a Live guide and complete a Lifestyle Overview.
• Use your products by implementing your Daily Wellness Plan.

Step 2:
Share With Others

• Start by downloading and filling out the Names List below.
• Get a Share guide and learn about successful sharing.
• Schedule and host presentations.

Download Names List

Step 3:
Launch Your Business

• Schedule your Launch Overview.
• Choose your pace. I am Elite rank in:

  • 30 days (Outrageous)
  • 60 days (Target)
  • 90 days (Average)

• Go to the Launch Your Business training course to get started.

Together, we are rapidly sharing hope and healing through doTERRA's worldwide movement.